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MAKE - DEVELOPMENT or DISTRIBUTION - on Cross-popularization

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If you're an artist that's a digital... ...immigrant. Or if you're a digital native, but maybe don't have all the art nailed down, then what we found is if you put those people together then there's a symbiotic relationship between them, right? And you actually build clusters of people that all work together. Artists have fundamentally been taught, like, "this is my channel and it's my record deal, and it's my tour, and it's my this" And cross-popularization is really the only way that you can gain discovery and organically inside of these systems meaning, you know, if I'm Rudy Mancuso and I put Christian Ogroso in my video and King Batch in my video then his fans will see me and maybe they'll wanna "@" tag me and relate to me and what I have found is it works really well when artists that maybe don't understand digital collaborate with those artists and let their guard down and start valuing it. The biggest thing I tell creators now is find people you respect and reach out to them and see if you can work with them. Most of the artists that I have embraced or have become residents here or we've made hits together most of those artists have facebooked me. Literally. I think all of them have reached out to me directly because anybody is accessible anybody is accessible at this point. It's overcoming that inertia Of understanding what you don't know and overcoming that inertia to actually reach out and wanna work with other people and, and be collaborative is the whole big hurdle in this game in my opinion

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Posted by: timbumatay on Jun 20, 2016

MAKE - DEVELOPMENT or DISTRIBUTION - on Cross-popularization

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