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If Estee Lauder is known for one thing, it's the little brown bottle. And, this product creates a lot of buzz, but not everyone knows the story behind it. Advanced Night Repair started a skincare revolution. In 1982, when the rest of the industry just wanted to moisturize, Estee Lauder got to the root of skin repair and introduced Advanced Night Repair in its original form, then called Night Repair. It was the first repair serum on the market, and it instantly became a skincare superpower. Today, the little brown bottle is still our number one, and with good reason. Our formula today is backed by over 35 years of research, and we continue to ensure that we formulate with the latest in scientific innovation, quality, and efficacy. Let's break down the basics. While you're sleeping, skin is repairing. Between 11 pm and 2 am, Natural skin recovery is actually at its peak. Advanced Night Repair helps support that natural repair process so you wake up looking refreshed and renewed. We've also learned that skin can have bad days. Sometimes it gets out of sync from environmental factors like lack of sleep, pollution, and stress. Advanced Night Repair helps to address these environmental assaults and prevent them from damaging skin. As we know, moisture is critical to natural repair, but skin actually loses moisture at night. Advanced Night Repair helps to lock moisture in and fuel skin's natural repair. Advanced Night Repair is the ultimate secret to beautiful looking skin. It's clinically tested and proven to dramatically reduce the look of key signs of aging to give you radiant, hydrated, healthy looking skin. It is effective for every ethnicity, every age, and every skin type, and patented until 2033. Since day one, Advanced Night Repair has been made for every woman. It's no wonder there are over eight bottles of Advanced Night Repair sold each minute around the world. Today, we see a lot of serums out there, but only one serum can claim it was the first. Advanced Night Repair is often imitated, but it can never be duplicated.

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Language: English
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Posted by: joanna_lw on Jan 21, 2019


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