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When did you start applying for graduate jobs - No Music

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I started looking for graduate jobs actually during my exams so when I was revising I got a bit of the sort of fear of 'What do I do afterwards?' so I just started to look on job boards see what was around and sort of found something from there I started looking for my graduate jobs from September of 3rd year I knew that all the big names open their graduate schemes for the few months' advertising before Christmas so I wanted to get in early I have never looked for a graduate job As soon as I got out of university I started working in a bar Nothing ever appealed to me I never understood any of the businesses they never really shouted out to me 'You'll be perfect here' or I dunno, I couldn't find any information in the places that I was existing I first started looking while I was still at uni cos I was just kind of intrigued about what was out there and I didn't really know what I wanted to do I wanted to see what my options were and I started applying pretty much as soon as I graduated Probably at the end of the summer when I graduated when I finished uni I went away for a while and then started applying of kind of anything did a bit of temp work here and there and then realised I needed to actually get something proper and a serious career I started looking towards the end of my 3rd year but I was going through the motions I wasn't really looking I took a lot of part-time, smaller jobs and I told my self that I could look while I was doing that and it didn't go very well Well I definitely didn't start looking when I was at university I don't think I had anyone in my social circle who applied for a graduate scheme I think there were some people who applied for MI5 but I think that was more to do with the luxury of saying that they applied for MI5 I then graduated still didn't look for a job. and then did a Masters finished that and still didn't apply for a job and then just decided to live abroad But you just gotta carry on going because there will be something out there so you just have to keep going put it into your routine. Look in the morning, look in the evening do something at the weekend just kind of keep going really

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Posted by: olliekerswell on Nov 22, 2016

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