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Lessig sobre a Wikipédia / Lessig about Wikipedia

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Well, here we are at Campus Party with professor Lawrence Lessig who as we, Wikimedia contributors, know, is one of the creators of the Creative Commons licenses and we are here with everyone asking questions about Wikipedia and we will do the same thing here, so... Hello, Professor Lessig. Hello. It's a great pleasure to meet you, and, first of all, I want to say thank you for talk[ing] to us We are gonna ask you these questions, first question is... Raul, say it in portuguese so I can translate. Do you know Wikipedia? Do you know about Wikipedia? Of course, yeah. Very much, yeah. Have you edited an article? Yes, I've edited much. And did you like it? How was it? How was your experience editing articles and did you edit as anonymous or did you have your name and- No, I've edited under my own account. I have an account, "Lessig", on Wikipedia and experience is great, I mean, sometimes there's been back and forth as the edits have been resisted but I've been happy to participate in that and continue to believe this is an extremely important way in which we all contribute to culture. Have you [got] any suggestions to Wikipedia or something like that? Sorry? [Do] you have suggestions for Wikipedia for how [can it] grow up or something like that? No, I don't. I think Wikipedia has demonstrated through the process it's created an enormous maturity and learning how to deal with the new challenges it faces. And obviously, as it becomes the central platform for spreading knowledge about an extraordinary range of stuff, it will be important that it learn to protect itself. But I don't think of myself as enough of an expert to be able to tell Wikipedia how to do that. Thank you. OK, so, we understand you are going to talk about Creative Commons and the zero [inaudible] all today so, also, are you going to mention about Wikipedia transitioning to Creative Commons? Yeah, that is part of it. That is part of what I'm talking about. But, actually, my talk is not limited to the Wikipedia or limited to Creative Commons. It's much more about important work that people have to make sure that these values become part of the policies of governments. Right, so, we don't wanna take more of your time and hopefully you can prepare the best talk. Thank you, thank you. Thanks for Wikipedia.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 48 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Brazil
Language: English
Producer: Rautopia
Director: Solstag
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Posted by: everton137 on May 16, 2012

O professor Lessig comenta sobre a Wikipédia em dois minutos. / Professor Lessig comment about Wikipedia in two minutes.

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