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Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer (2010)

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We knew that folks would come down hard on us if we ever stumbled. Which is why the downfall was so shocking. (Spitzer) When I assumed office, which was January of 1999, Investment bankers were, to use Tom Wolf's great phrase, masters of the universe. CEO's began to take everything they could and ultimately that was going to destroy our economy. (older male voice) They literally were terrified at this guy coming after them. (tv anchorman) The New York Times identified Spitzer's mystery call girl as Ashley Dupree. (Spitzer) I've acted in a way that violates my, or any, sense of right and wrong. (tv anchor woman) Cheers erupted on trading floors, as word spread of Governor Spitzer's stunning downfall. (Bruno) He announced publicly he would take me out as leader. The man really intended to destroy me. ♪ New York, New York ♪ New York Confidential. Rocket fuel for winners. That's all it says. (woman) So you're sending a girl for $30,000 overnight, it doesn't feel like prostitution. He showed up, clearly trying not to be recognized. I'm like, don't tell me it's that guy again. [camera film advance] Click, click. Bill Bruno hired the country's most notorious dirty trickster, Roger Stone. Sure, I believe in the gonzo brand of, uh, politics. Porter was told to look at client 9. He enemy number one. The governor felt like he was under surveillance. Both Greenburg and Langone hired PR firms to go after Spitzer. (Langone) You tell your buddy, I'm gonna put a spike through his heart. This is a tyrant. His entire life is a lie. These are the guys that got us to the brink of disaster. And Elliot Spitzer was after them years before the collapse occurred. (Spitzer) There were all sorts of rumors about bringing me down, I brought myself down. We're at war. This is a war. ♪ New York, New York ♪ ♪ New York, New York, New York ♪ [Captions by]

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