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25 de feluri de gameri|Sambata cu Satana [English]

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Alright. Ciao Good day, good people and welcome to a new episode of Saturday with Satan. Of course let's go deeper in the deepest boundaries of your intellect reading your suggestions I posted on my page asking for you to give me suggestions for saturday with satan. FAST. Your suggestions: "FAST!" Steaua,Dinamo, I did, ok I will, done, I'm sex, bananasss, wink You guys changed my life once again this week

So this saturday is gonna be a little quick and on point Just like cyanide. And I thought of making you a video presenting 25 kinds of gamers Given the fact that I played games all my life, fortunately and unfortunately at the same time. So tell me in the comments what does my haircut look like Like a homeless dude, a well-behaving piggy or a cupcake? I'd go with the cupcake haircut. Alright so then let's see them, 25 kinds of gamers! The normal gamer. The obsessed one. The hysterical dude. The fucking psycho The one that's way too involved. Alright guys I haven't gotten out of the house for 3 months, don't disappoint me. The one that's not involved. What? I died? oh..what a shame. hmm? no it's lagging I swear, I tried hard. Like.. No, No, I said nothing(!) The one that always has to go to WC Guys! Pause the game! Wait for me! The pessimist.... Pessimist my dick, will he.(??lol idk) Impossible. I'm gonna get fucked. The beans in me are getting fucked. What if I get fu.... I got fucked. The optimist Come on I can do it. I know I can do it very nicely.. The too enthusiastic one Impossible(!) The one that gives instructions to everyone when he's actually retarded. Alright guys I'll go down you go up from the left part of right. Not there! The new one Oh yeah I can't wait to discover the wonders of this game. Hmm I wonder what does the button 3 do. The Liar No dude I've been playing Skyrim since 2002 uh have I told you that I'm also a beta tester Another Liar I only play strategy games. The retarded one Hmm it looks like Metin but it's viewed from the sky. The one with bad connection Dude! Dude. Dude. Dude. The one with good connection that lies having bad connection because he doesn't know how to play. The one that think's he's cool and replies with game quotes. Hey whatcha doing The question is not what, but when. The one that under pressure starts saying all the vowels one by one. The one that's right. Ok dude go there. The one that's wrong. Ok dude go there. The pirate. The multitasker. The encyclopedia gamer. Dude have you played assassin's creed? Uh.. which one? I've only played (lists all the assassin's creed games) I heard that Chronicles of China is also coming out... What. Alright good people I hope you liked today's episode although it was kinda short. No worries we're recovering the next times So that's it and I hope you liked it. And of course I'll see you next time Oh and tell me in the comments in which one of these are you? Which kind of gamer? For you the ones that remained until the end I've got a joke for you What does a chinese say after he flips over a pancake?

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Posted by: pinkclaudia35 on Feb 11, 2015

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