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2017 - Tupper Tech Talk - Facebook

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So let's talk about Facebook. Yes, our new Facebook page. Yes! This is really exciting Cheryl and if you've been around for a while, you might remember that we did this once before. We had a Facebook page just for sales force and we decided we needed to have that page. That's why we brought it back. -I brought it back, I'm happy. -Yes, me too. So who, Let's talk about the who, what when, where why. -Okay, let's go. -So who? This is for just Sales Force members. -Yes. - It's an open page and anyone can find it and anyone can like it but we're asking that you don't go and suggest to your guest and your host, and your friends and your family to like the page because we're sharing information here that's really just for you. - Yes, it's for you. It's not for your girlfriends, it's not for your family, it's for you. -So what are we sharing? -Yes. - We've got some behind the scenes content, a lot like that live video we did from Brownie Wise Park yesterday or Tuesday? -Tuesday. I still can't remember what day it is too. And shareable content like memes and gifs. Things that we want you to share with those family members, guests, and hosts and you've probably even seen these items in My.Tupperware but we want to put them in a place where all you have to do is click a button to share it. -To click, and that's what makes it so easy. Also guys, whenever we do Date-a-thons, and we do a lot of great training and what happens is, trainers send stuff to me then I send it out to the business leaders and the business leaders have to send it out to either their directors and the directors have to send it out to everybody on their team. So what we can do now with this Facebook page is we can actually put that on the Facebook page then you can just go there and you can get it. So during the, if I haven't had the time, we'll actually post it right the day of the data time. So as the trainer is training that, for example, when Katie was doing the no secret game that she plays at her party, you guys could've been on Facebook and pull that up and looking to it while she's training to it. So it just makes it so much faster for us to get stuff to you. That's once again why this is a sales force basing Facebook page because those are the kind of things we want to do to help you to get resources to you faster. - Yes, and as time goes on, we will discover other things that we want to share with you guys. So we definitely want to make sure you're out there and taking a look. I do want to mention though Cheryl, this is probably not the place to ask questions. -Yes. - So if you do have a question, you need to pick up the phone and call customer care. -This is not where you guys can go, "Ah, it is blah replaceable." That's not it. If you have that question, you can either call your customer care line, you can call your upline director but not doing it in the Facebook page because that's not the reason we have this. It's really more for us to share with you and for you to share with us like did you have a $1000 party last night? Oh my stars and garters, we would like to see a picture of your party last night, a $1000 party! Did you stack your host? Show that host. Take a picture of it and share it on this Facebook page. You're doing something really great. You've got something that's working. You got something that you want to share with everybody, this is the place to do that but it's not designed where you would ask questions as far as like what's a warranty where do I find this? You still want to go to either customer care or go to your upline. -You got it. -Okay, so yey! So where? If you haven't already found the page and liked this, it's @tupperwaresalesforceusca or if you just go to Facebook and start searching for Tupperware sales force, it pops right up -It does. -Then the When, we're going to be updating it pretty much daily, Monday through Saturday. -Yes. Sunday is everybody's day. Okay, we're not going to be doing anything on Sunday on that Facebook, the sales force Facebook page. Unless it's something that's truly warranted. -Exactly. - So if there's something that's truly warranted then yes, maybe we would but that would be rare. -Yes. Okay, so Monday through Saturday you can see and we're going to do fun stuff -Yes, fun stuff. -You'll never know, so check us out everyday. - Then the why, I think we've already hit the why. -Yes, I think so too. So, just really, really quickly guys, I just want to make sure You know what an algorithm is, Cheryl? - I do now. Anna explained it all to me. - So Facebook tries to decide what it is we want to see. -Yes. - It goes and it says, Oh look Anna engages with Cheryl's posts all the time So even though she hasn't on Facebook today, let's show what Cheryl posted yesterday at the top but don't show her anything that you already posted because she's not been clicking on anything. They try to be really smart that way and say oh, I know what she wants to see but they don't always know. So we don't want them dictating that. We want to make sure you see notifications when we post something on the page. It's just really easy to do that. I'll just walk us through it -Yes, let's do that because it's very helpful guys. - So on your desktop, you've already liked the page. Here we are and when you like it, it automatically turns on following which is right next to it but if you click that little drop down on the following, you just want to make sure that you actually have it set to due notification or see first is what you want. So it's going to show it first on your Newsfeed and also down here where it says notifications on. - You want to check. So you want to check see first, and you want to check on notifications on. - Yes. - Then if you're doing this from your mobile device, and I did got a look today. This is from my iPhone but it looks almost exactly the same on an android phone. This is what the page looks like and this is where you would've liked it and it automatically clicks the following. If you click on follow then it brings up this next page and you want to make sure that the little toggle for notifications is turned on then click on this little guy on the bottom that says edit notifications and that brings up this page. You just want to make sure that you have the posts turned on and you want to have the events -clicked. - Then for the live videos, you want to say all live posts. - So there's three things. - Exactly and that way you'll know anytime we do anything, especially those live videos that are so spur of the moment but they're really fun - Yes, you never know when it's another coming and we're live! - Exactly. - Absolutely. That's awesome and guys, with the algorithm, -Yes, algorithm. Sometimes, I'm not on Facebook everyday. I might just skip and if I am, sometimes I'll go home it'll be late at night and I'll try and check and see but it's not during the day sometimes because I'm busy. So if I don't get to it that night and I don't go on and like stuff the next morning, I can open up my Facebook page and I'll open up Facebook, not my personal but just Facebook on itself and I'll see something that was posted 22 hours ago because that's what Facebook thinks I want to see not because I really want to see it. Then I'll scroll down and I'll see something that was posted by one of my girlfriends or boyfriends three minutes ago but it could be down at the bottom of the page and the more friends you have, the more it gets lost. - Yes, you got it. - So now guys, when I learned all of this right, I really do try very hard to go on and like stuff especially from you all because I want to see how you are doing. I want to celebrate your successes and all those other things we could get to do through Facebook. So make sure you're liking us and if you're on business leaders, directors, managers, make sure you're telling your unit, your teams, your companies. If you're org leaders, your organizations. Just make sure that everybody goes in and likes us and make sure they do those three turn on your three notifications if you will. - You got it. - Okay, yey! Listen, Anna's making, between Anna, Daniela, Kiara, I'm getting pretty tacky around here, guys. It's almost getting scary, okay.

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2017 - Tupper Tech Talk - Facebook

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