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Поездка на пляж (Zeus live )

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"BEACH TIME BITCHES WOOO" Zeus:That's a lot of palm trees here Seized:It's fucking awesome Edward:Also, oranges grow on trees in here Zeus:Seriously? Edward:Look closely, maybe you'll see Zeus:Sick Edward:Like apples Zeus:Beach is close Zeus:Man life is great Zeus:You guys had breakfast right?Lucky you Seized:It was great Zeus:I was going to sleep getting ready to eat all that yummy stuff "GuardiaN was involved in Zeus missing his breakfast" Seized:Did he even eat? Zeus:Probably not Zeus:Yesterday he asked me if I wanted anything from Burger Kings since he was going there Zeus:I "ordered" chicken wings, he said okay Zeus:Comes back with a fucking smoothie Zeus:His excuse was he didn't want to stand in the line, and he asked someone who was already ordering to get him a smoothie Zeus:He's a moose Seized:He just asked to buy a Cola Zeus:Man he is acting dumb sometimes Seized:You recording? Zeus:If the light is on, then yea Zeus:I'm fucking hyped, I wanted to get bikes first Seized:No time for bikes Zeus:We have some tomorrow Seized:Win today, tomorrow, and go chill on the beach Seized:Do you know about that beach party? Zeus:Is there one? Seized:Yea, in-house or some shit Zeus:I didn't know Seized:I will go there before my flight Zeus:Hardcore, I'm not sure if I'll go Zeus:All those parties fuck up my biceps Zeus:If I'm into gym, I'm fully in Zeus:Eat stake, be buff Zeus:I'm in U.S what the fuck Zeus:Or in Spain Zeus:I thought we would be on the beach faster Zeus:We're here boys Zeus:On the cyka beach Zeus:We're actually on the cyka beach Edward:People everywhere Zeus:Or sluts(referencing Zeus high on party video) Zeus:Saaand Zeus:Cyka beach yeee Zeus:I'm staying here Zeus:Is that a luna park? Seized:Flamie said that park is hardcore Zeus:How does he know? Seized:He was here with his grandma Zeus:Are those attractions or stuff for fisherman? Zeus:I'm not seeing anything hardcore Zeus:Man it's pretty hot Zeus:Last time we were w/ full team we won that event Zeus:Five years ago Zeus:This is much better Zeus:Absolutely beautiful Zeus:We should go there Zeus:Sunbeds are prob not free Zeus:Some times passed since we visited beach Zeus:How will we lay down on it? Zeus:I hope they don't steal shit here Bless you Zeus:If yes I still need my money Zeus:Should've took the water thingy Zeus:That's the beach Zeus:Vanya doing some magic Zeus:Maybe we should get closer, so they won't steal shit for sure? Zeus:Imagine we come back and shit's gone Zeus:Let's go boys Zeus:With the camera?

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jul 25, 2015

Поездка на пляж (Zeus live )

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