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Beyond Today: Could Jesus Be Elected President?

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Could Jesus be elected President? The year 2000 U.S. Presidential electional will be debated and argued about for decades. The far-reaching consequences on the U.S. economy, internal politics and international relations is yet to be fully realized. This isn't the first time the presidential race has ended in a controversial, bare-knuckled deadlock. In 1876, Democrat Samuel J. Tilton won the popular vote by 250,000 people over Republican Rutherford Hayes. There were voting disputes in a number of states, so an electoral commission was convened, comprising of five Supreme Court Justices, five Senators and five members of the House of Representatives. When the dust settled, Hayes was declared President. Later, it was discovered that, in the political wheeling and dealing, Hayes supporters has agreed to a rather loose enforcement of the 14th amendment - giving civil rights to Blacks - in exchange for the support of Southern states. If Jesus was on earth and ran for President, could He be elected? How close would be the vote? Jesus Christ taught a way of life that would eradicate poverty, put an end to civil strife and institute one system of law for everyone that guarantees justice and fairness. Sounds like a great platform. Yet, according to the Bible, when Jesus Christ does return, He will be met by resistance. And this resistance won't be just a few bad people, but the majority of humanity. The real teachings of Jesus are quite different than what most people believe. If you don't believe me, get a Bible and read the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5,6 and 7. Here, Jesus outlines the constitution of His new Kingdom. The Sermon on the Mount presents a little different image of the popular Jesus, meek-and-mild. Jesus couldn't be elected President, because most people would find His teachings restrictive and basically intolerant. Are you one of the few who can see the vision for your life? He will teach you the ways of His Kingdom. He will teach you a better life today, and beyond today. For Beyond Today, I'm Gary Petty.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on May 1, 2008

If Jesus Christ were running for president would he be elected and how would His teachings be received?

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