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Bref. Je soutiens le mouvement Zeitgeist

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If you get informed a bit the world is like that. On tv, tyrants are haunted in Afghanistan and dictators killed... Banks go red since 2008 and here's the krach... Stars get married, divorced, and they die on high lines... Big boats sink and pour out 10 millions of liters of oil in North Atlantic... On the radio, We hear about unemployment increase and classrooms get full... Square tomatoes and naked chickens are made... You can be unfaithful and ridiculous in live... *a girl's react after her boyfriend has been revealed, talking about sex with the girl hosting the show* On the internet, you learn that fresh water access will be our challenge in some years... You can see a skating dog and that's fun... French-télécom' employees burn themselves while others get stressed... You can grow your penis with credit card... Too much for me, I needed to breathe. I watch some docus. Yann Arthus Bertrand get my eyes open to the world... I saw Morgan Spurlock get fat and risk his life eating in Mc Donald... Paul Grignon explained me that the State doesn't make is own money but lown it in private banks... Nicolas Alberny and Jean Mach tried a real activist democraty on internet... Arte shown me how big is the abberation of our consumerist way of life... And Peter Joseph explained me whyy this monetary system is responsible of our actual crisis... Since I understood that world's going weird and decided to change it. I pass the word... I answer the phone... * Hello Mr, EnregiePlus on the phone. * * Do you own your home ? * No, I don't but did you heard about the Zeitgeist Movement ? I lead projects and get involved in actions... I grow my own food in my garden... And my garden !... And I take the street. We can build everything while ressources are available. Why do we give it a monetary value ? In short. I advocate the Zeitgeist Movement.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Producer: Nicolas LANGLET
Director: Lucas KIEFFER
Views: 69
Posted by: bam.zeitgeist on Feb 26, 2012

"Why I advocate the Zeitgeist Movement" campain. Nicolas give us is version of why is involved in the movement with this parody of a french TV show : "Bref.".

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