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TVP Teamspeak Q&A Seminar - 2012-03-18 - Building a TVP City Now

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Hello everyone, we appreciate that you attending. It's a discussion on a building a city now; a lot of people ask us why we can't do this or under what circumstances can we do this, so Jacque talks about it for about thirty eight minutes. We can start, whenever you're ready. And then we'll have questions related to that after. While I appreciate the effort of many of the members of The Venus Project to want to get going, to get something build, what that will do, if you try to make a community of say two thousand people, it will have to be exclusive, meaning it excludes people, and when you exclude people, you don't have a unified system. First of all, I just don't people to go at it haphazardly, growing food, and feeding the hungry, and making a place for people to sleep. as long as this culture can operate, it will do anything it can to defeat this direction. And it will defeat this direction, if you try to (?)make and exclusive cooperative community. The reason it won't work it's because other people will try to get into their community and if they don't have the qualifications for the planning board, they can't get in, and they will resent that. So, what you have to do is prepare people intellectually and emotionally to understand all aspects of The Venus Project. It can not be accomplished by an immediate plan. People want to get going, "let's get going, let's get it off the ground." Well you can't do that unless the public knows what is about. And if people don't know what's about, they will take off in many different directions which will not support The Venus Project. Now I'm going to try to tell you a little bit about what has to be done. It has to inform people as to how people get their values, and where do they got them from. And when they admit and they submit to those values, that means they're ready to practice it. If they say, "yes I've been conditioned to be a Lutheran or a Seventh Day Adventist," if they admit that, if they don't admit they cannot function in The Venus Project. What is function mean in The Venus Project? It means how to grow food, put up buildings, plan cities, economically. They have to know what The Venus Project's proposals are in order to do that. In order to do make it clearly, again I repeated this many times you cannot propose any system, any system at all that is new, unless people know how that system works. The system is based on the collapse of this system. If system collapses, I mean completely collapses, if we don't bail out the automobiles companies, or the industries that failed, or the banks, if we continue to bail them out, we're not ready to start The Venus Project. It's when the system fails to provide for the needs of people. And the people themselves (?)demand a new system and if they like The Venus Project's proposals, this is what The Venus Project's proposals are: that you read the book "The Best That Money Can't Buy", to get an overview of what the project's about. Two: The survey committee (?)would do a survey, a global survey of available resources, and population density and various types of illnesses that people have and how many older people there are that cannot function in the construction of the new cities. If you don't have that information off hand, you have a system that will have a lot of non-functionals in the city incapable of making things happen, so the first city will have to be sponsored by a nation. Whether it's Brazil or (?)Libya, England, France, America. If one nation agrees to build a first experimental city and that experimental city will be a trial and error system to test the validity of The Venus Project, to see if it works. If there are areas that did not work, we have to clarify those areas. That means that if the city is designed with a built in transportation system so you don't need millions of automobiles although people are used to (?)their automobiles, they have to be convinced that The Venus Project can serve their needs without millions of automobiles. With millions of automobiles it's like having a skyscraper with a parking place, say if you got a thousand people working in that skyscraper, or two thousand people, if you had a thousand automobiles, a thousand automobiles that they have to drive up in that building and park. Well that would occupy a great deal of the building and that wouldn't solve the problem. What you need is a mass transportation unit that can deliver thousands of people to their place of meeting. And at the place of meeting we don't invite people to merely get up and make their recommendations We merely require that people have information as to how much concrete there is, building materials, transportation to move building materials, how far the cities are from manufacturing plants, that's the information we need. We don't need "Hey, what if we had a certificate that a person has that tells them what they're entitled to?" That won't work. What will work is technical competence. That is the ability to report on how much building materials we have, how much glass we have, how many people are capable of working in the planning zone. Now the planning zone does not dictate policy. I want to say that carefully: the planning group does not dictate policy, the policy is dictated by the availability of resources. That's the only (?)dictates. (?)Where is it dictatorship? Is the dictatorship based upon resources? If we don't have the resources, The Venus Project cannot be accomplished. No matter how idealistic you feel about it. If we have the resources, the technical personnel and the building materials we can build it. We cannot accomplish it without that. So, with all your enthusiasm for getting off the ground, "let's go", what I want you to do is read "The Best That Money Can't Buy", read up on details of The Venus Project and then talk to people and see if you can get them to go along with it. If you can get them to go along with The Venus Project, it can happen. If you fail to do that, no matter how enthusiastic your (?)policy is, it won't work. So I'm saying this: become familiar with The Venus Project, talk to people, see if they accept the fact that environment shapes values. That that all of their opinions about how the future ought to be is not based on statistical data, it's based on what they feel might work, and statistical data makes it possible to make it work. (?)After all we're trying to find out how big a city could be, how big should it be, and can you work on thousands of people at the same time or is it necessary to work on twenty five people at a time. In order words we don't know that, but with diagrams, not just verbal, diagrams of the new city, the art centers, the music centers, the school system, family relations. If the family can identify without relationships it will work. If they can't identify you have to wait until the system collapses entirely. If it collapses entirely and people have no means of working out solutions, then they might turn to The Venus Project and say "What are your solutions?" That's an assumption that people will understand the solutions, they do not necessarily understand the solutions automatically. That's why they have to educated and be taught a new way of thinking. Without that you cannot attain The Venus Project. If they can agree with the new way of thinking. If they can't agree with it they will not join the planning group. Do you understand that? The planning group will have to work with known conditions, known materials. You can't go ahead and design the ideal city. You can design an appropriate city (?). And in that city you can find out what doesn't work, what has to be modified in order to do that. And once we get the city in a workable system, then we can advocate that that system be applied in Australia, in England, in France, in all the countries that join us. The countries that do not join us, we have to permit those differences, we can not force them. And we feel that, in time, The Venus Project will prove to be a system that's been validated by experiment. And I think that eventually the people of the countries that do not join with The Venus Project will eventually persuade their own people to become part of The Venus Project. Now, do we tell them what to believe or what to follow? No we do not. If they have customs that are different than ours, they can only practice their customs in another area because you can't have the Lutheran Church, Catholic Church, Synagogue, the Muslim group in this area. This will only divide people, and so we have to build a (?)system on common need that all people identify with. And that is that all people identify with clean air, clean water, available food and medical care and education. All people identify with that and when you work on the areas that people identify with. If you have ten wives or twenty wives, you come from another country is very difficult for us to provide a system that works for all the different cultures immediately. We can eventually do that, we can eventually start with a Muslim community, a Catholic community. If you can't accept The Venus Project's proposals right away. You have to have a system that works with the majority of religious people. You have to have provisions to take care of their needs. If they're Catholics, Lutherans, Seventh Day Adventists or variations in religious groups, they have to be permitted to function. And they can not function with the planning group, because the planning group is concerned with feeding people, educating people, and the necessary technologies. Religion doesn't do that, therefore, you've have to practice your religion elsewhere, not in the planning group. And the planning group, if you say a prayer before a meeting and people disagree on different areas you won't get unification. If they learn how The Venus Project works and they (?)ask sufficient questions about it so that they understand why it is operating a particular way. (?)If anybody has any new ideas and suggestions to make, they can make them, but instead of saying "People ought to learn to work together in peace" they would have to tell you how is that accomplished. How do you propose to accomplish that? If they say "well, we don't like all these buildings being similar." Well what do you suggest in taking care of seven billions people on Earth? If every buidling is different, you cannot provide for those needs. Do you understand that? Therefore we have to work on an unified project that people can agree upon in order to install the proposals of The Venus Project. So you people that want to get going right away, get going at converting as many people as you can, and if you can't it means that the times aren't ready for it, that's what it means. Well, if you try to disrupt the system, you can disrupt the system by many different methods. You can withdraw your money from the banks, everybody. If everybody did that the robberies will increase in your home, under the mattress where ever you put that money. It just won't work, because the free enterprise system will say: "You interrupted the system, you didn't even give a chance to recover, it was recovering when you took over and stopped it from working." So you must let the system undergo its own evolution and failure. When it fails of its own accord, then you can't say "look you interrupted the system, you stopped it from working, you tried to build The Venus Project." That is the opposition you get. The system is failing all over the world, but it has to completely fail so that it can not operate. Now the only thing they can do is try to create another war, and to create another war would mean destruction of all the resources of the world, which means... that never has worked. War is the supreme failure of nations to be able to get along or bridge the dfferences. We have to bridge the difference with information that's acceptable to people. You can not go to a muslim country and tell them you can have only one wife. You can't go to a catholic country and say you have to give up Catholicism. It won't work. You'll have nothing but interference with your (?)project, but you can't have a planning center just as when a Catholic country needs a bridge built, they get bridge engineers together. When they need an industrial plan built they don't call upon the Catholic Church, they call upon engineers that do production work, mass production work, (?)your factories, all the technologies that must provide for people's needs. If it doesn't provide for their food their clothing, their shelter, whatever they need, you're going to have disruptions. We will have many disruptions during the transition, because the transition is finding our way in the new system. And I can't guarantee, say, everything is going to work smoothly. Not during the transition, only when we get under way will that work well. Do you have any other questions that are relatated to this particular recording? Jacque, if we were able to get a bigger research center built that was well equipt (?)in the city, - It will be exclusive. - So more people could work with us. It will be exclusive to only technicians and planners. Well that's what were doing here, but we need more help. Yes, we don't keep anybody out from learning about it, we try to send them back to school or teach them how to become functional within the new system, but you have to have (?)say several billion people, you have to have a core group that can stick with the system and explain it and not go on in fifty different directions. But I think it would be very appropriate if we have a bigger center or even just a research center now so that many people can work with us... - We can't do that until a country calls us. - Yes, I know but I mean if we have some funding for it, but I would take that too because it's too hard on just for people who are here to do all by ourselves. Well if americans fund the project to build the first experimental city, those funds would be acceptable. - I'm talking about a bigger research center too. - That's what I'm talking about. To build The Venus Project's experimental center for research and development, to design and improve the operation of The Venus Project, but feel that that's extremely difficult, but if you can attain that if it works, if you can manage in all the different countries to raise funds and pull your funds (?)for an area, whether it be an island or a certain provisions set aside by a country for The Venus Project experiments. Only under those conditions can it be done. Now, whether it could be done or not, I believe it would take a total collapse to get get underway. Without total collapse, you're going to have a lot of opposition. They say to (?)"you have to crawl before you walk". You have to start the first step. What is the first step? First step it is the planning group. Whithout the planning group you have nothing. The planning group tells us how many (?)trucks are available, how much cement is available to build a new city, how much money is available to put in computerized machine shops and all that. We have to have, we have to stride towards a certain fund and the higher the fund, the better equipt the system. And if people don't support it, it will not occur. Are you talking about a center for that or are you talking about just people all over doing work? All over the world have to participate and say "Well, it's the best thing we have up to now." If they don't realise that you can't do it. (?) Well you are talking about people taking inventory and making budgets, is that what you are saying? No, just collecting funds for the(?), they don't have to worry about the city. We need the funds and Warren Buffett is the only guy I know that can finance it. If a country, say Spain says "Come here, we'll give you the land to build the experimental city then (?) about that. If Spain says, or Argentina says we'll give you the concrete, or Siam, which is one of the biggest concrete producers in the world, "we'll give you whatever concrete you need that will (?)cut the funds and will give a smaller (?). In other words if we have volunteers that say we got twenty contractors that agree to put up that first experimental city that will cut the amount of funds. I can't assume that, I can only assume if we get the funds, we can hire the the contractors to do it. Do the contractors volunteer? We don't need as much funds. And we need a, I rather wait and see if I get a country behind us, one country that says "Yes, we'll sponsor the building of that." It's much easier than trying to get the world to cooperate, than (?)go off in different directions, it doesn't work like that. I would say it's more efficient to get one country to sponsor it. And we'll we get, if I can get over there, if I can get to these lectures in Mexico or wherever I go, if they want to sponsor it, I will make that clear. All we need is sponsorship for the first city. No matter where I'm at, I must talk to them about it. And I think that if I got the ear of country, and they cannot influence the direction, they can only sponsor it. The will have no Muslim temple in the middle of the project, or a Catholic Church or a Synagogue It will not work if you try to do that. We work with human need. Now religion is a need, but you can have that inside yourself, it need not be in the planning center. You can't discredit all religion, do you understand? You can't discredit people that believe in the free enterprise system. It has to be runned into the ground and they will blame it on the socialists, and this and that, that's always the case. You'll always have (?)put out there and if they control the media, you cannot get to millions of people. They can fabricate all kinds of stories, shutdown The Venus Project and make it illegal. They can do all that, it depends how many people you get to. And if you get to enough people, you can get the first project off the ground. But you have to educate people, not assume, just because they heard of The Venus Project, and everybody has a job and they don't understand it, it won't work. I hope I'm wrong. We will get a certain percentage of those people to go along with us, not everybody. Because you can't, because a lot of architects have a strong ego, or a lot of people feel that if they only have decency and ethics, is all you need, you know? I can't deal with that. I can only deal with the direction of the country that says "Okay, Jacque, we'll back you." If they do that that will be the beggining. If some countries may do that, very likely, but if it's not done it won't happen. I can (?) tell them how urgent it is, I don't have to, they know how urgent it is. They don't have a (?) to do that. Well I know what to do since we get a country that says "Yes, go!" It takes a breakdown, complete breakdown, otherwise there are still a lot of people that are making a lot of money. If you don't know this, automobiles companies lie about the miles per gallon of cars. They are about 50 % off according to the experts. Well, they tell the public you can get 40 miles to the gallon, and the truth is you get 20 miles to the gallon. And the truth is that these people will lie, do whatever they can. You have to let the public know to stay in power, they will do whatever they can. And they found out, just recently, through survey that the Bank of America is shafting G.I.'s. As they borrow money from the banks, they charged hundreds of dollars more in interest as the average person. And that will turn the G.I.'s against the banks. That has to happen in order for them in order to fall in line with us. They don't fall in line because you criticise the system, the system has to offend people. And if it offends enough people they will form groups, but they wouldn't know what to do. When they form groups, they're ready to listen. This Sunday when we go to Miami, I can test that on a group to see how it works. Yes. That's a group of people that don't like the way things are going, but they don't have any answers. If they take to this system, or a percentage of them take, I would ask: "How many of you have learn something or agree with this?" Hands will go up. "How many disagree?" Some hands will go up. If it's very few I will not need to worry about explaining on detail. But most people all over the world seem to agree or somebody might ask "Is there freedom of religion?" Yes. Next question. You don't go in to detail on it. Okay? A guy says: "Suppose I don't want to live in your city? You can live anywhere you chose to live. Next question. You have to kind of pinpoint...instead of a guy getting up and saying "Well I was in Philadelphia for seven years... I don't want to hear your story, what's your question? What's your opposition?" If you can do that, "What if a country doesn't agree with you? And they can live their own (?)." What if the person is a member of the Amish Church and they don't want to live in that city can they live on their own? (?)No longer elaboration. Do you understand? Yes they can, yes, no. If the question requires a detailed answer, I would give it. Do we have enough resources? If we intelligently manage resources we can do it. But we can't the way resources are done today. Every building company would like to know, "Can I sell fiberboard to your new city?" Well it depends how far along are we. I rather build on (?)known materials but the first city would be an experimental city, more like that without all the loveliness and the gardens, more of a planning center. The second city would be an elaboration of the first. Well if Warren Buffett says "Let's go!", he's worth billions, he could do it. But can I get to Warren? I don't know that. I don't think he'd be against the capitalistic system. I don't know that. He believes in it but if it doesn't work he's going to have to do something, and he's going to have to employ people who build a city, the new city. Whatever it is, I really can't tell you, how do I know? I will find out when somebody says "Go to hell!" and they walk out, I don't know what people will do. Most of them are their own projections, so I will be very careful and say "Hear me out! Hear me out first before you ask the questions. You know, listen to it. and try to pinpoint your questions so other people can ask questions (?) that way. Instead of a roundabout description, you're cutting other people from asking questions. "And there's no such thing as a dumb question", so people feel that they can ask anything. Okay, they can ask anything. Okay, all these (?)dumbells have to go through that, they have to be rejected. They have to come up with no solutions, or solutions that don't work. Let them get ellected, let them put their solutions in, and if they don't work for the majority, and if it gets real bad, the majority will revolt, they'll occupy buildings and take over. It's called revolution; but that will not cure the problem. Unless they call upon The Venus Project and have a council and say "What is The Venus Project anyway?" You have to design some point of view that's somewhat central to people's needs. If it doesn't deal with people's needs it won't work. That's all it has to deal with, is providing to human need. And if you get that across, you can get to any country if you don't attack the estabilishment. You don't have to attack their estabilishment in people lose confidence, which is happening. People are revolving against their established governments, but they don't know what to do about it. I'll point that out. Or they're trying to elect decent people. Even if they were elected, say a guy with socialistic ideas is elected and if he dies, what happens? The do the best they can, and if it doesn't work they change it. And if undeveloped countries try to take things away from developed countries, war will occur, they'll (?). They don't care as long as they maintain their position of control. Le me say it again, they'll do whatever they'll have to do to win the battle. They'll lie, arrest people, assasinate people, whatever they have to do. But if their system continues to fail, they'll (?)their own kind alive, (?) they'll be killing each other. I'd sure like to say "Sure, go ahead, start your own group". We have to be sponsored. They say "Go ahead, start it." How do you start it without cooperation? And it's better if you can get to the lider of a country and it's better that the country is somewhat liberal. But Sweeden was moving to the right last I heard. (?)If it fails, it has to fail, before you can do anything. Do you understand that? I don't like it to wait until it fails. Can't we do something before? No, you can't. As long as the banks operate, and they control and own the media, if (?) owns MBC, you can't get on MBC to talk about The Venus Project. Do you understand that? CBS owns, they all have shares in the autocompanies and anything else. So they're all one kind of unit of exploitation of the public. Jacque, you are always reply we're waiting. We're not waiting we're working as hard as we can to educate to make more media, we're not waiting for it to collapse. Well I (?)know that, some people think we're waiting for it to collapse, l say, it has to collapse before people will join with you. They're not going to join with you unless they're very well informed. Yes, there are people that will join with you, but they're small in numbers. That's all. Is that it? Okay. Okay that's kind of informal unedited little talk we had. Were there any questions related to that? You can just ask them. - I have a question. - Sure, go ahead. So, it's the global survey and the planetary survey of the population, the economic needs and also presumably the economic wants, you know such as musical fulfilment (?)and that kind of thing, the global survey, how does The Venus Project propose to inact that global survey? There are much sources of information today, but we'll not engage in that until people want The Venus Project. It will be a waste of time to have a survey now, because you won't get the accurate information you will get once it's sponsored. Do you have a proposal right up already prepared that you could present to a leader of a country? Not untill it fails and they start saying "Well what can we do? I don't know." Then we can submit possible alternatives. I just like to mention the fact that Google does a Zeitgeist every year where they use I guess algorithms to collate all the data of all the different searches that would be performed on Google, and to see what's popular, and (?) I know that's very different then what The Venus Project was (?) to do, but once you're dealing with that much data coming in through environmental senses or people acting as senses and (?) relaying information back. Surely we'll need algorithms, some kind of algorithm to sort through that information and find what's relevant and what's pertinent. Is that right or? Well you need information regarding our ability to grow food, provide water, put up buildings, medical care, you need information on what is available and what needs to be done to fulfill the medical needs of people feeding them during the transition. You need that kind of information. During the transition you can't plan the grand city, you can plan it only with what you know and what you have access to. There's a question, "How can Religion be educated out of the population? By using the Bible. In the Bible says "Thou shalt not kill". There will be no armies, no navies in that case. And the Bible it says "Love your enemy. If a man strikes you turn the other cheek", so all the behavior of nations is in violation of most, not all, but most religious teachings. I myself am not religious, but you have to use the Bible to undo concepts that people have accepted. You have to prove them wrong. If they believe the Earth is flat, you have to demonstrate to the best of your ability the information that indicates that it's not flat. If you can't do that you can't change people. Do you have any country in mind for the first city? well I would like certain places but that doesn't make it available. Will the changes in solar activity, heating of the Earth help or set back the goals of The Venus Project? No, it will not. We'll get earlier crops with it and we'll be able depends on how severe the conditions are. But we can always build things to reflect the heat away, to cool off certain areas, we can put up glass buildings that use the natural heat of the Earth to generate cooling or refrigeration if needed. But there are technical ways of solving problems I don't think we will have a problem with that if we were sponsored. What if the sponsoring country wants to project their won ideas towards The Venus Project such as they want to design a contract and have (?) aspects and control? I would have to convince them that the system that they're advocating may or may not enhance The Venus Project. I can't say (?) off-hand, it depends on what they offer. How do you overcome multinational government's power and authority? You don't. It has to fail. That's what that means. Failure means economic breakdown, government is disolved because they don't have the money to pay off. It means a breakdown of the system just like a corporation. If you didn't sponsor the Chevy Company, they would have gone under. If you give money to the banks that failed, you're preventing it from changing or delaying it for certain amount of time, but it will fail. The system is not a valid system that we live under, it's good for so many years, then it dies. Every system dies. There's no way to design a society that's optimal or utopian. It's better then the one that was; systems always undergo change. Egypt was once very powerful, they are no longer in existence, they don't longer have the power they use to have. No system can freeze and continue since all systems change. The nation that can visualise the future will move foward, the nations that cannot will be surpassed. What about building a small community in Australia or the UK populated by people educated in the relevant information as education and research center so as people not have to go all the way to Florida? Yes, do that if you can, whatever you can to help spread the information. People don't really have to come here, we don't assume that the first city or a larger research center will be built here. Actually it couldn't be built here on our land, it would have to be built someplace else in another country. We would prefer in another country actually, other than the United States. (?) that you prefer it elsewhere. If this system fails first and they are interested in building an experimental city we will build it. If Brazil says "Let's try it there" or England or France or Australia or wherever we're invited we will do it. Including China or any other country that wants to assist in that social experiment. When we talk about how to educate children it's always very helpful when you talked about how you raised your children. It's a very difficult subject to talk on the Internet, because of many different aspects to it. First of all if parents are in charge of children you can't affect change as fast because parents are victims of culture and they tend to cling on that which they know. That's why you have wars, because people can't understand other countries. (?) with enough detail so say "Well, we advocate that." You can't do that if you have separated Churches, but if the Churches begin to sit down and discuss areas that they have in common and see if they can come and come to an agreement as to worship a particular way that includes everybody. There are Churches today that are attempting to do that, they're universal, but without a social design it will not be very succesful. You have to encourage people to send their kids to summer camp. There we will condition them or exposing them to a set of relevant values. The will not go back home and critices their parents, they would understand where their parents are coming from, what induces (?)that, they will not hostile to one another or want to hurt one another. Would you prefer like a sponsorship from individuals (?)3-5 dollars per week or a large donation from big sponsors or companies or both? If they do not dictate policy, yes. Yes, it's very difficult to to this with just very small donations for something that's costly as the first city. What sort of dollar value do you expect the first city to be at? It's in the hundred of millions. How many people do you expect to accommodate (?)at that first city? Well, really it doesn't take too many people to be (?)major planners. Don't forget we only plan one eight of the system, and then we replicate it continously until we have a circular city, so it may need no more then a hundred of people in the planning, the initial planning, mainly architects, engineers and environmentalists (?) survey committiees (?) technical competence you would require for the people or do you have a (?) that you would look at? Yes, anyone that is qualified as an architect when given a new assignment they can handle it. - Also... - Any structural engineer can handle the structures of the buildings. Also there would be people there that who are writing books and videos doing multimedia to help introduce this direction as well. - We would like to accomodate that too. - Yes. Something else to bear in mind is for example, I live in UK. If this would be done in Brazil or something, regardless if we're (?) part of The Venus Project and chances are it's not going to be liable (?)to be an architect, when there are better architects in Brazil who could be doing that job who support the project or even (?) at it funded by the sponsor or the public so it's really going to be dependent on the situations at the time and based on what sponsors (?) you do agreements with (?) the companies that will be working to develop the city etc. So for complete circular city how many people do you think that could accomodate? Are you talking about the first city, how many people would accommodate? - It depends on the circumstances what we come across. - We can't predict that. Yes. If they say "Build a city for fifty thousand" or "We'll sponsor a city for twenty five thousand or a hundred thousand", that's why it will be wrong for me to plan a city and hand it to them. What are they prepared to support? Then the study will be planned in according with the access of material resources. Yes it's a bit like asking how long (?), you know, it really depends on what the sponsor has available to him, for supplying of technology to actual running the city, for the supply of materials, human resources, material resources to actually build the city, how many people they are looking to support in that first city like Jacque says if they want a city for fifty thousand, the city design is going to be very different from the city of a million people, so it really does depend on, you know, sort of what the sponsors have got available to them (?)to build a (?)development. But in the midtime before we build the city, which requires hundreds of millions of dollars would you prefer people who contribute to The Venus Project by weekly donations to build probably a research facility bigger than the one you have right now ? Oh, yes, whatever you can do to help forward this type of information. Yes, we're really not building on the research center here though, there are a lot of restrictions here in terms of zoning board, how many people it can house, so expanding this place would be very difficult. We are very limited as what we could build in terms of residence, it's also designated wetlands after we moved here, so that put more restrictions on it, so we couldn't expand this to be a research center, really. It would have to be done elsewhere, we'd have to have enough funding for that too. If enough people sponsor it, we can build a research center here, in Florida. There's lots of land available at a relatively low cost and lots of material resources, but I can't count on that, only if people do that can we make it a reality. It depends on what the people do, don't put it all on Roxanne and Fresco. If you want to see a city build you can support it yourself, and if you don't get sufficient funds we will build whatever we can. It's very difficult to build with very...with minimal funds too because that's the way we built this space, We had to work on the outside and then we got some more funds we expanded in here but it was very low cost. We have many buildings but they're very small even inadequate for what we need, so, it's really not the way to go; it takes a very long time to do it that way just collecting few dollars here and there. It really needs to be sponsored with large enough sum of money to sponsor a better research center, so more people can participate. It takes just too long the other way and it's not efficient, not adequate enough. Unless you know some multimillionaires that want to help. How many buildings do you have at the research center at the moment? (?)We have about nine buildings, some of them are storage, we have two video domes where we have displays of models, and Jacque shoots models, we have three residents right now, they're all occupied, We have two shops, we have an office and storage buildings. Two shops, yes I mentioned that, yes that's what we have here. There are not large buildings, they're small, that's all we could afford at the time, but we built all these by hand and that's why it took so long, because we did do it ourselves in between jobs and did the work ourselves. How much did it cost? I couldn't tell you, we didn't even keep a record. But we did most of the work, so it helped. I would love to know that in case of a breakdown how do you guarantee that The Venus Project's ideas are actually applied correctly? How do you guarantee that multiple persons can take the idea and present it to a large variety of places at the same time and still speak coherently? They will be trained, they would have to read our literature and understand the various stages that the system has to go through to become a workable system. If they have any questions they really have to, instead of projecting their own ideas or making things up, it would be best to have them ask what procedured would be. Because Jacque has worked this out for many years technically as well, it's best to check, but we have a lot of information out there, they could start with that.

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TVP Teamspeak Q&A Seminar - Building a TVP City Now - 2012-03-18

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