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Disperse the groups of techniques or for growing niche models I'll XXXXXX simplest ones actually the 3rd one was developed like in the late seventies and the first paper of this is from the mid eighties so it's not a new method, but still it is very useful many people will use BIOCLIM in a XXXXXXXX basis and it's a very neat idea, very neat XXXXtation it is very very simple you might without XXXX powered by XXXXXXXXXX in forcing buying a lot of space and we have the distribution of our sampling for our calibration data across this biome This is made of all XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX or disXXXXXX boxes are around the calibration points in each one of our multi-dimension XXXXXXX space so this is one XXXXXXXX, we have another XXXXXXXXX without the same set of points in this sort of environment and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX box in each one of the dimensions and in this way it constructs this envelope which represents the niche of the species then in projects, this envelope, the geographic space and produces this potential distribution map as you can see XXXXXXXXX then it could be slightly affected by out liers so to avoid the XXXXXXXXX effect of out-liers you should build these huge boundary?? boxes they chunk the edges of these boundary boxes by perseverance??? or using standard deviations of some XXXXXXX on how to chunk XXXXX of this course and you get your envelope, this is the easiest and the simplest method and after this development there has been tens of methods of how to XXXXXXXX development XXXXXXXX dimension and these BIOCLIM and all the distance methods use presence only so they are not affected by this situations that Town was pointing out of selecting XXXXXXXXX then there is a group of medals that are developed based on measuring distances in the environmental space multi dimensional distances in environmental space for example this is the euclidean distance in which it calculates the distance in.. you have to XXXXXXX a group of calibrated points in environmental space XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX here in blue and it's basically classification XXXXXXX it estimates some measurements of XXXXXXXXXXXXX like the mean and the standard deviation and based on these measurements calculates the distance of each one of the pixels the XXXXXXXXXXX to see each one of these pixels belong to the group of pixels withinn these standard deviation areas and projects against the map that the niche model on to geography and for XXXXXX there are several ways of measuring distances in environmental space XXXXXX multi-dimensional space this is one thing.. and this is another one in XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX which is particularly useful when you have the American XXXXX???? be cause it is calculated based on the corelation matrix and environments so the shape of the environmental space is XXXXXXXX. it's more like an elongated elipsoid so in this case for example the distance of this point to the mean is closer than this point to the mean because of this shape produced by XXXXXXXXX of the environments??? but it's exactly the same idea, and there are all XXXXXXXXXX distance XXXXXXXXXX like the XXXXXXX matrix which is based on calculations of mechanical distances this is a comparison between a distance between 2 points, this is one point, this is another point the euclideon distance would be aligned join the points and they might have the distance XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that you need to go to following squares measure the distance and there is another matrix of distance called the XXXXXXXXXXX in which the rule of measuring distance is by inches the movements of the king you know XXXXXXXXXXXXXX the lateral or diagonal, that's the way it works but these old methods are based on the same old principle about measuring distances with their equal XXXXXX any questions about this? no questions? QUESTION: you said the best method of XXXXXXX of using this model is BIOCLIM. and distance is XXXXXXX. and you also showed that you XXXXXXX distances XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I'm asking the first methodology of XXXXXXXX niche XXXXX when XXXX is BIOCLIM and distance is XXXXXXXXXXXXX and I also went ahead and showed that method XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX distance and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is it the same thing or another distance? So Enrique it's rather XXXXXXXX BIOCLIM which is simply a set based approach simply those limits among each dimension and the other was distance based approaches, will show you several different distances Eventually XXXX distance where from here to there in an environmental space is a pretty complex question and so it could be euclideon, XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXX distances different types of distances but it all comes under a class of approaches so it's BIOCLIM versus all these distance based approaches the nice thing is they are all on the same XXXXX they are all XXXXXXXXXXX, so if you learn one you can pretty much do all we are going to go to a niche model exercise with the data you have in your USB so I XXXXXXXXXX you have installed your own model softwares into your computers because we are going to use it now At this stage simply try to follow along if you have open models or working, great, see if you can clip a model with Enrique but most imoprtant thing is pay attention to what he is doing so if you don't have open modeller running or haven't yet figured out where the files are pay attention to what he is doing because we are going to work with you guys XXXXXXXX yesterday afternoon this is one of the platforms of XXXXXXXX that has been built for handling multiple algorithms or niche models which is one of its strngths and it was developed in Brazil like 10 years ago and at one point it was kind of abandoned and now we are retaking open modeller to give a new face of this platform sometimes it's a bit unstable it crashes or it doesn't find a reason why its's not working but in general terms its a reliable software you can use it normally with no problems most of the times so we are going to do this exercise for you to start getting familiar with this platform use only one model for one species you have in your USB and see how XXXXXX u can XXXX the whole process

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