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Discover Kabbalah 24 class #6

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You know, it is very difficult sometimes, there is a very great line when we discuss the attribute of giving, because if you dissect it, if you look at it carefully in your life, you might find that most of the giving that we perceive as giving is really taking. For instance, I am sitting with a group of friends and I take out my wallet and I pay for dinner. I'm giving. Right? But maybe, just maybe the idea is that these people will now care for me more. They will enjoy my company more. I am this big person who is sharing with everybody. And if we look at it, it may very well not be giving. There are people that put their names on hospital walls and they say, "This was donated by ..." You know how many times that type of giving is a place of ego so that people will see their name. You know, when it talks about charity it says that the greatest charity that a person can give is anonymous. That when somebody gives of themself without the knowledge of where it came from, it is really being done without ego. But most of us are not in that stage. We want to get some type of credit, and there is not anything wrong with that as a rule. But the fine line is to determine whether truly, in our actions, it is an action of sharing, of giving, or of taking. Another example: One of the greatest things that we can do is to take care of somebody who has passed on; taking care of funeral arrangements, taking care of housing, taking care of food, etc. Why? Because there is no payback. There is no one to say, "Thank you". And when we think about the idea that when the idea of giving for us it means a circular motion. In other words: I share, I get back, I share, and I get back, and that is okay. That's fine. That is part of the relationship. But we have to make sure that in that process, it isn't, "They'll like me, I'll get to a better position, I'll be more respected in the community, I'll have more people around me because they know that I am this giver, that I'm this person". And if that is what we are doing, what we are saying to the Creator is, "It's only me, and I'm the one that is being involved and is giving over here. And the answer is the person is really a fool. Because nobody, without the hand of the Creator, has the ability to give. For it is in His hands the qualities that He can share money, respect, knowledge, wisdom. Sure, we work for it, we go to school for it, we go to business for it, but the ability to do all those things comes only because we were put on a path in life that, perhaps, was not determined by us. And that which we have received may also not only be just for ourselves alone. So when you think about giving of yourself, remember that to give means that I do not need for me. That I want to share away from myself. And if we can have that consciousness in the things that we do, then we can find that life is far more fulfilling. It is the story of the man that is doing this great big party, and suddenly he sees the poor man outside, and he invites him to come inside and join them, and the poor man says, "No thank you. I don't need your food." And suddenly the guy says, "What do you mean, everybody here does not need what I'm giving, but you do. Looks like you have not had a decent meal in at least a week's time. Please come in and eat". And the poor man outside says, "I don't need your hospitalities or your favors." Imagine that. Now imagine that conversation for 100 times up and back until the host says, "Okay already, please do me a favor I need for you to join me. I need to feel that I have given you." And now the poor man turns to him and says, "If it means that much to you, I'll eat." Think. What is the consciousness here? The man now that eats the food, with every bite that he takes gives enjoyment to the host. So who truly is the giver? Right. It is the poor man, because he is now giving pleasure to the person who originally was to be the giver. But in this scenario, he is the receiver. For he is the one now truly in an act of sharing. Now the circle is there, but it has changed consciousness. Let us see if we can find aspects of that in our life today. Have a very good evening.

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