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Felipe Gómez - Modelo de liderazgo virtuoso

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So, in a nutshell, first, Method, Mastery. we should have a method. Magnanimity, Discipline, Perseverance. That method will allow us to master what we do, Operational Excellence. to do it with skill. And we achieve this putting into practice the virtues of magnanimity, discipline and perseverance. In an organization, we see that reflected in operational excellence. But in addition to this, we have to adopt Attitude. the right attitudes, Connection. those attitudes that will allow us Empathy, Care, Humbleness. to connect with the different people Culture of Caring. we interact with on a daily basis, and that we achieve putting into practice the virtues of empathy, care and humbleness. And that will take us to reinforce the culture of caring in our organizations. And last, but not least, Passion. is that all we do, Emotions. we do it with passion, Love, Courage, Prudence. to really feel it and transmit Innovation drive. those emotions to the people around us. And this we'll achieve putting into practice the virtues of love, courage and prudence. And that's what will really set in motion the innovation drive, and the progress and development of our organizations. It's a simple model, but if we follow it, we'll achieve really extraordinary things. It's the model of virtuous leadership. If we apply it, all our audiences, starting with our clients, will give us a standing ovation. Why? Because celebrating virtuosity is human. And I invite you to celebrate virtuosity when you see it in someone doing their job in a virtuous way. Stand up to applaud them, with no shame, celebrate them, that'll be a great feedback for that person to continue motivated to keep improving and to keep looking for those extraordinary levels. Let's apply this to all fields of our own lives, to our relationships, with our children. Those of us who have kids, we have to teach them that living a virtuous life is possible, mainly through the example we give them, and talking about virtues at home. And as men and women working at important companies, from those wonderful countries represented here in this audience, let's always do our job in a virtuous way. Many of this program's viewers are probably in positions that involve leadership. Lead like the virtuous, but above all, do your very best to bring to light the virtuosity that's inside each of the people that work for you, be that light, to illuminate others and make them shine. Accompany them, let's mentor them, let's accompany them in what they do. And some other times, we're not the leader, but another musician in the orchestra, another team member; let's do our part with method, attitude and passion, putting our mind, body and soul in what we do. And that will take us to do everything we do in an extraordinary way, in a virtuous way.

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Felipe Gómez - Modelo de liderazgo virtuoso

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