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Flow: Official Theatrical Trailer

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♫♫ Most people don´t... think about where do water comes from. They just turn on the tap and they expect it to be there... Those days are ending! "The Scariest movie at the Sundance Film Festival" Wired Magazine. Humans are changing the planet... we already see evidence about it. One of the most significant impacts of climate change... will be on our water resources. This notion of we'll have water forever is wrong. The world is running out of fresh water. In the last ten years, major water companies from Europe... have started taking advantage of pollution and scarcity. Water is a $425 Billion a year industry. Who owns water? Who gets to make the decisions about water? Water Privatization was forced on Bolivia... by the World Bank. Water is the most precious commodity for the new world... It's blue world! Water is a common resource! Water is not a property! The water sector is going to... grow two to three times the global economy over the next twenty years. The market is amoral... and is going to lead you to selling... to those who can buy it and not to those who need it. They are spending tens of millions of dollars... to convince us that bottled water... is better than tap water. There is less than one person... regulating the entire bottled water industry. People buying this stuff have no idea... where it is coming from. The company kept pumping during a season of drought They took so much water they are being sued in five states! They kept pumping even then! We're fighting this battle, this David and Goliath battle. Water must be protected everywhere! Who owns the water for survival owns you. That's the picture that people have to understand. It's not a democratic issue, it's not a republican issue... It's a people issue. How did a handful of corporations Without water we have no society... we have no economy... We have no life! Steal our water? People said that water is a lot like air... You shouldn't charge for water! well... ok... good... watch what happens! FLOW In Theaters This Fall

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Posted by: deya_castilleja on May 24, 2010

Irena Salina's award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century - The World Water Crisis

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