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Chag Sameach! It is great to be connecting with all of you in Brazil, on Pessach I want to share an idea that Rav Brandwein shared with the Rav and we know that for us in the Centre, we are connecting through the lineage of the kabbalists any teaching that came from Rav Brandwein to the Rav connects us in a deeper and stronger way Rav Brandwein asked the Rav in a letter a very important question about this evening Most of you know it is called the "Seder" The word 'seder' in Hebrew means 'order' but when you study in the writings of the kabbalists, in the writings of the Ari - without going into the details, some of you might know, or might not - but the actual 'seder', the meal that we have had this evening, the spiritual connection we had, is actually out of order Is it unique from most of the other connections that we make, for the order is not right So Rav Brandwein asked the Rav the question "Why do we call this night the 'seder', the night of order, when in reality this is not a night when things are done in order A very important question. Rav Brandwein gives an answer that hopefully gives all us the consciousness that we need to have for this evening. Rav Brandwein says although it is true that this evening we are connecting to miracles that occurred previously, the most important part of the work this evening is not for now - certainly not for before but rather, for the future. For what we call the "Gemar Ha Tikkun" - the end of the correction Although when the Israelites came out of Egypt, it says they came out {.....Hebrew.....} It was rushed. It wasn't in order. But Rav Brandwein says the Final Redemption, the work for which we all are making this connection Then it says {.....Hebrew.....} It won't be rushed. It will be in order. So he answers the question "Why is this night called 'seder' - order?" We are not talking about the connection we are making right now we are talking about the Light that we hope to draw through this connection for the Final Redemption That, in a simple term, is the entire consciousness we need to connect to this evening Everything we do, everything we eat every connection that we make, every consciousness that we have only one purpose: We are doing this connections so that we can this evening draw down the Light of the Gemar Ha Tikkun draw down the Light of the End of the Correction There is no other time of the year when the potential to connect to, to reveal, to draw down into this world the Light that can bring an end - finally - to all pain, suffering and death there is no other time when this Light is revealed and available as it is this evening. And, therefore, everything that we do this evening is only for one purpose: Seder. To awaken the Light of the order that will come to awaken the Light of the Final Redemption to awaken the Light of the removal of the pain, suffering and death As the Zohar tells us again, there is no other time of the year that we can connect completely and wholly to this Light. And B'ezrat Hashem, all of us all over the world with the help of all of you in Brazil we should have the merit this Pessach to truly connect to the totality of the Light of the Redemption to truly connect to the totality of the Light of the Gemar Ha Tikkun As Rav Brandwein promisses the Rav when that day comes, B'ezrat Hashem, through this work that we do this evening, {..... Hebrew.....} It won't be rushed, it will be in order, it will be in peace. {.....Hebrew.....} Because the Light of the creator completely revealed will be leading the way in front of us, B'ezrat Hashem. Chag Sameach

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