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Date Strategies, Marry Results

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Date Strategies, Marry Results Date strategies, marry results. What do we do? We marry a strategy. We say that we will 'bet the farm' on this strategy and we will 'ride' this until death do us part even if it is not getting you the results. You marry the strategy and date the results. It has to be the opposite. You date strategies. In other words, you make a commitment to them. You seek to improve them and at a certain point when they are not producing results you dump them. You dump them. Sometimes unceremoniously. That is it for you. It is a strategy, not a person. Do not get nervous. It is just a strategy. You have all seen this. This is the way it all goes. You get a good strategy and the results start going up. At some point you can feel that it does not have the same energy that it used to. It does not seem as if it is producing the same result as it used to. And everyone is nervous about breaking the dating relationship. Classic illustration of this is I wrote a book 15-20 years ago called Becoming a Contagious Christian. It had a training manual with it. For many years we put 2000 Willow Creek attenders through this training course every year. Year after year after year. It was producing tremendous results. I could tell at a point when I announced the class that there was less enthusiasm. People had already been through the course multiple times. Are you going to ever come up with something new? No one would say that. But I had a staff member in charge of it. I knew that this was plateauing and we needed to do something else. One day I called that staff member and asked how the course was going. He told me it was awesome. I said, "It is not going awesome." He said, "That is the best material written." I said, "No, it is not. I wrote it. I know it is not the best." It had its day. It was awesome during this era. It is no longer awesome because I checked the numbers. We are only putting 400 people a year through it now. It has had its season. Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a season for everything. It had its season. We have to bail out of this. It does not matter who wrote it. It is not producing the result anymore. You date strategy. You marry results. Eventually I wrote another book Just Walk Across the Room. When this faded we had the Just Walk Across the Room movement. That has been going great. But in the last 18 month I can tell that is hitting its peak. Many of the ways you tell are the intangibles. The feeling, the "buzz" is gone. The energy is gone. People are not standing in line to sign up for it anymore. You have to coax people harder for the behavior you want. You have to sell it harder. You think back to Ecclesiastes 3 where it says there is a time for this and for that. You are not calling something bad or evil. It had its season now we need to catch its next season. I want you to think about that Axiom about dating strategies. Do not get engaged and marry a strategy because it is only for a season. What you have to do as a church leader is you keep asking what is getting results. What is helping people become disciples? What is helping people care for the poor? Did you ever think about that? What strategy are you using that really helps people get involved and their heart broken for the plight of the poor. As soon as that is not happening anymore, dump it. Change strategies. Get one that the results of which is having someone's heart broken for the poor.

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Posted by: landsm on Dec 12, 2014


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