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KYTE Ghana

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Kajelo Youth Training Entrepreneurship We are here to help the youth We are here to help the youth to come out and become useful citizens in the future I am a peer educator We go around in the community We educate people about how they get AIDS and we try to educate them how to prevent and protect themselves to stop stigmatisation To stop discriminating between HIV/AIDS positive and the negative To let them know that we are all one and be able to kick off aids in the community So that is our work a member of KYTE KYTE is Kajelo Youth Training Entrepreneurship It is in the Kessena Nankana West district In the Upper East Region At Kyte we do many things We have peer educator that go round the communities to sensitize on HIV/AIDS We do many things like sports, drama and we organise and produce soaps Our aim is to bring the youth and to try to train them to become responsible citizens and to become people that can actually have their own way of doing thing to earn their living But actually the centre lacks many things Particularly in these days nothing can be done succesfully without finance we are financially handicaped for instance we have a library the books we have here they are old we only have a few that can be that goes with the syllabus that they teach at basic school and than we try contacting many people that come to our aid we still have the hope that one day that comes our target is also to advertise this centre so that the whole world will hear about it and benevolance than other organisations can come to our aid And that we will be happy So we actually have much to do If anyone can come to our aid for the sustainability of this centre for the development of this community

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Duration: 3 minutes and 15 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Ghana
Language: English
Producer: Martine Koopman - IICD
Director: Martine Koopman - IICD
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Posted by: mkoopman283 on Nov 3, 2011

Interviews with a passionate Youth Group in rural Ghana close to the Burkina Border who educate the youth about reproductive health in an environment where they have little resources to do so: Who will support them further? They need books, educational community health materials, internet access. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for further information

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