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It’s already become an eternal dream. The curse of fate, the ideals being embraced, and the remaining result all become a heavy burden. No matter how long the slumber has been, the moment of awakening still hasn´t arrived, moving, stopping, looking up, and then calming down after a deep breath. Slumbering in an eternal dream The duty of the king has not ended yet. In order to fulfill his prophecy, even if the life of the king ended, that sword cannot return back to how it was before. Time passes, countries rise and fall, and people change even if she prayed to the great king. this oat would still continue she assumed these obligations without recompensantion, and because of that many lives can But, being caught in this dream in a crack is sad. That scenery seen from the abyss of eternal slumber my heart cannot reach the him who´s far away right now, walking alone on that road. Fading away like a human, and repeating the same things over and over like a machine. Even if nobody could notice that kind of pain . I am here, I know your strength But, that eternal oath still exists. If the past cannot be changed then the present will never change. Oath and determination will forever be affiliated whit the kings. There is no way for that sword to return to how it was before. But, I want to see you. Even if I must continue in this never ending slumber . I still want him to hear this voice. “This is difficulty; your times are so far apart that the distance makes people despair.” The magus said so. The realization of that dream was pretty much impossible if you want to meet again as normal people, two miracles must occur. One must wait continuously, one must pursue endlessly. They must realize that it is impossible to succeed yet at the same time capable of enduring patiently, is that …. The history of a dream that shouldn´t be waited upon?” the magus asked. Is that sort of thing impossible? It´s unrelated to the duty of the king, it´s as simple whether or not it Can come true whether or not you keep waiting for it “Ah, don´t be mistake. I didn´t say to forsaken the king´s duty. Royal blood courses through you veins if this pride was deprived, then there would be nothing left. It´s best to keep yourself as you are I am really complimenting you, as a girl you have the right for your happiness to survive. A sacrifice like this, I think you should understand the magus said Just like when the hand is gripping the sword. That moment is when I ´m mocking the approaching perils but right now I´m smiling because of the hope filled future A meaningless response that is merely the hope of the girl before she took up the sword. No matter what, if she doesn´t have the power to make it come true. How is that any different than wishing to the stars? But, whether this thing is right or wrong is another topic altogether. Arturia. The era is changing alongside the people, the only one who´s still like that time is you. A dream is only beautiful because it´s dream-like. But for you, would probably be happier slumbering as if dead even so no response Even if it´s unsaid, only that whish will not disappear. In other words, that is probably best. Not finding anyone, not being pursued by anyone up until The day when the posture of the king disappeared from the imagination of people With that warm, Dream-like wish: her future eternity can only be endured in this slumber In the end His way of life has not changed. As for repaying her it did not happen. And then To him and her, a long time has passed And then To him and her, a long time has passed Softly, eyes opened. How far have I actually come? I ´ve clearly chosen the barren earth yet I ´ve penetrated the dense forest to stand in this grassland that that makes me nostalgic I cannot be certain of this place. How long has passed since then. How far have I travelled? It´s still very blurry Putting now the heavy burden carried on his shoulders , letting the tense body rest. Ah I thought this long journey would continue forever It looks like, the journey will end here the field of vision is clear and broad . Those heavy shackles were removed in the blowing wind. My mood gradually and steadily returned to back then

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Posted by: vold on Mar 31, 2013

final del juego

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