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Hi, I hope you’ve been settling in okay at Blue Wattle Innovations. I’ve got a few jobs for you to do. We really need to get our business paperwork up to date and standardised, so I’d like you to create some documents following our style guide, which I’ll give you a copy of. These include a phone contact list, a spreadsheet to work out a budget and a presentation slideshow for new staff members. Before you do these, however, I want you to learn how to use the correct health and safety practices of working in an office, like how to set up your workstation and sit correctly at your computer, which are very important. Then you’ll need to learn some of the basics of office software and I’ve got some resources which will help you with this. After you’ve completed these documents, I can give you some more advanced tasks to do, like creating templates using our style guide, some macros which will save time for our staff members when they’re using the documents, and some other advanced office documents that Human Resources have requested. I’ll give you some resources that’ll help you do this, but don’t forget you can also use online and offline help in the software, as well as technical support if you need it. To do these tasks properly though, you’ll need to consult with Human Resources to find out exactly what they want, so I’ll get you to write up a list of questions to ask them, and then put your findings into a specification report that they can signoff. Then, once you’ve finished all these, you’ll also need to write up some documentation for the users and the help desk so that they know how to use them and how they work. I know you’ve done a bit of this before, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you. If you’ve got any questions just let me know.

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Application softwaresmall

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