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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -06:30:00 - 06:59:59

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Joaquin, you have to go change! You don’t know, ____ I’m doing what I want. You must practice your speech, you have to meet with the director Joaquin, you must go practice your speech. Yes It’s morning, it’s the last day you can practice. It’s ____. Stop doing that, we’re talking now okay? Jo. You must get dressed and clean your room and brush your teeth. Go! I'm grabbing the rest of the coffee and the peanut butter also. Oh, no, no. We couldn’t open a new peanut butter for this filming? We have some crunchy kind. Is crispy, crunchy? Yes. No, I don't want any. Mr. Coubenau, he knew that we were coming and he prepared us a lunch earlier, darn. Next time I’ll say that we’re still making a movie. Ah yes, you didn’t die of hunger then? No. I said that there was surely something but I wasn’t sure at the same time. Actually no, they did things well. That went well to get on board? Yeah. Yes, yes, get on board, get off board. Everything went well honestly, there were no problems. Did you have to climb up the cable ladder? No, it was just a demo. That’s nice, what brand is it? It’s the new coat. Ah! You can ask for that for Christmas. It’s the same as last year. Ah is that good, Zach? Green, so you like that, then that’s what we’ll get. Mom, I’ll show you later. Well! It’s not an emergency, it won’t snow tomorrow. As long as you don’t do it at school. No, I’ll do it when skiing and when my leg will be ripped off by the skis. But, next year there will be a 60 foot jump at Stoneham. Oh my God. What are you doing with that junk? What was that? A second time… Ah, I have ketchup on my sleeve! The businesses on Avenue des Forges complained. But what kind of complaints? The noise, because the parking spaces are… No, no Zach! That’s what they were fighting about, what else ? But uh, no uh, I don’t understand why they call that a complaint. Ah, with that, I’ve stopped you. Oh no… There were really complaints because they said that all of motorcycle parking spaces were concentrated in the same place. So, that mens that all of the motorcycles go to the same place, and then that causes disruptions Ah, then they need more spaces? Yes, of course, they say that all of the motorcycles head to the same place because there are only spaces there. They disperse the spaces around other cities. Maybe that would be a solution. The parking is just there, they are all on that side there? Yep. Because obviously there is a gathering to ___. But no, there are forty spaces in the same area. Because there is only this area to park downtown. No but, you’re evidently in a whole, big group of motorcycles. No. Everyone gets on their motorcycles and drives there. They are all there… it’s quite a sight. But you know, the 42 that are parked there are not all together. No, I know that, but you know that they are all proud of their loud motorcycles. But why can’t they park in a car parking space? No. No?! You don't think so? Of course not, they would get ticketed. You can't.... why not? Well it's clear. The motorcycles are only in two places at the Town Hall or there. That's it. There's no parking in the back? But what do you do if there is no more motorcycle parking? There's nothing you can do, just like when you can't find a space to park you car in. You go in a parking lot! Haha! Well, then... listen up. Why can't you protest to park in a car parking space? No. Why not then? A vehicle is a vehicle. No but the town must have a place for motorcycles. I would have a lot of violations to deal with perhaps... Joaquin! What are you doing? I'm checking Alain's email. You should play this skiing game instead. No. It has an effect that limits the filming then? It persists still in the morning. He's talking about nothing? No. Zach, you should turn on the local news. He didn't talk about anything yesterday afternoon. Did you listen to them? Yeah. My friends were thrilled, even happy. No, there was nothing. Did you do the TVO? ??? He is ____ ____ ____. What's going on? No good news? Mhm. That's it. And additionally, they said that there was ___. Yeah, exactly, he was stopped. But there, they return to the idea that there wasn't ____. No but yes, there's that as well. That's what they say. Where? The new exit they did for Notre Dame there, it's there. It's there in the middle. Where did they park the cars then, they said that we should take the ___. There! Uh-huh. Over there?! By going that way? Really? Yep! Well that seems odd that ____. It's the ___. Joaquin! You're having a complex! We're going, we're going to see Wu Tang. When's that? At the Quebec Summer Fest at Abraham Plains Did you buy your tickets finally? Did you buy your tickets? No, can we? What did you say? The Wu Tang tickets, I wanted to go with Guillaume and Colin. Ah yes, but you said that all of the three-day passes must be sold before you can buy the one-day tickets. Are they all sold? I don't know. Ah, will you check? The damned coffee. Ah yes. It's nearby, isn't it? No, but why couldn't they say that on television. Well yes, you'll get 42 emails for a half-can of Pepsi. It's not worth it. But no, it's just Pepsi who has your addresses and they keep them confidential. It's a whole can. It's like that, they don't reuse your information. In any case, it's like my mom said, they're always about to rummage through your underwear drawers. There's a reason that my mom doesn't want to be on the internet. Well, Zachary, what are you doing there? You could go take a shower I think. Joaquin, you have two minutes! Joaquin, don't make me come up there alright! You'll have to take your skateboard to school right? Well, you must leave earlier than planned. Stop guys! To us? Will you quit it? What did he say? Take it easy, ok? You don't have any exams tomorrow, Zachary? No, we finished them for the week, isn't that enough for you? He got a 100% on his work on Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther King. Ah, congratulations Zachary, good work. Guillaume got a 93%. Marie-Josée and I congratulated him yesterday. I said bravo. Bravo, good work! You need to go clean up your room. But start by picking up your room. It's rather terrible. Joaquin, one minute! I feel like I'm on Super Nanny. Yes, that's it. Exactly like it. The kids f*** it all up but you have to stay calm. Joaquin and Pacifique come downstairs please. Evelyn tell Joaquin that if he doesn't come down, there won't be fishing tomorrow. Fishing isn't tomorrow it's the day after tomorrow. Ok, Saturday then. Joaquin, fishing Saturday then... It's two minutes... I already gave you two minutes without thinking. Hurry up and get dressed! Countdown, one, two three, four, five... six, Joaquin, thank you. What else did you have to do with that? Well no... What class do you have a test in? Where's Zach? Your red and blue don't match. They'll call you a Yankee. Let's go! Are you ready? Where is his hat? On his bed. Ah! Go get the clown hat. You... go get his hat, it's on your bed. Okay, go quickly Claude. Hello, everyone. My name is Joaquin Vallé but my friends call me... Don't speak! Articulate! ... But... He-ll-oo everyone. I am confused. Hello. My name is Joaquin Vallée but everyone calls me the scatterbrained. I am here... I am here to present a unique opportunity for you that will bring... will revolutionize the use of the longboard. I would like... I want you to invest one million dollars in my company for one percent of shares...of shares in my company. With my product... With my product, um. you can obtain a speed... No, no, no, no, no, before that... With my product, I promise a twenty percent increase within 5 years. So... is the paraboard that will, well, reach unequaled speeds. With... ...with your longboard. Go, let's go! It suffices... It suffices to package the parabaord... Let's go, let's go! It's a school invention. Ah yes, Joaquin, because everyone will wait here. There are even a million people. Is the paraboard complicated? Why aren't you putting it on your back?

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
Views: 65
Posted by: globallives on Sep 30, 2013

Pierre helps to make breakfast and prepare three sons for school. He chats with his wife at the breakfast table.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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