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C5L8: Arch Serve Toss

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Here is one of the biggest misconceptions in the toss. People don't realize all tosses have an arch. First and second serve, big flat ones and kick and slice they all have an arch. Here is one of the greatest servers Andy Roddick. He, Sampras, Federer they had this slight arch that came back towards them. Sort of creating this pulled bow effect like a bow and arrow. Here is the misconception, here is guy I saw at Indian Wells, not going to mention names he is a pro. He was missing first serves all day terrible first serve percentage. You can tell he is doing what he is taught here, see how the toss gets away from him in a straight line out into the court. Now he thinks he is going to hammer it but he can't get it in when he needs it. He always hits the top of the net and he just can't aim the ball, he is completely off balance. See he double faulted there it was pretty obvious. Now this rainbow toss or arch toss completes the entire nonlinear form. Look how much prettier Steve Johnson looks, see how the toss comes towards him. Now granted thats a kick serve, I wanted to show you that just for the intensity of it. Watch Paul here as he goes into his serve here. Look far away his arm is , his hips are still pretty much straight up and down here. Now here come the hips they are sliding forward now to complete the form his arm has to come in a little bit towards his head. So watch how the ball even on this flat serve here, see where it is now, watch how it travels frame by frame. It is going to go just a more to your right, see that. Now when it comes down you will see it comes down more to the right you can see the rest of the arch here. There it goes it went to right again, you have to watch carefully you might want to watch that twice. You don't know what kind of serve he is going to hit. As it turns out he hits a flat serve right there, POW. Straight on, and of course he makes it that was a great serve he just hit. That is the way Sampras, Federer any great server thats how they do it. They have this nice arched toss, see that and it really keeps your balance, it tightens your whole bow, with your hips being the center. It tightens your bow and completes the nonlinear form. I am going to show you a couple more looks at it here. So you can really see what I am talking about. Another flat serve, its hard to tell people always say well you toss over your head if you want to hit a kick. These aren't necessarily over his head but they all have some what of an arch coming back towards him. Even on his flattest serves and of course as he goes into a bigger kick the toss goes further towards his head and it even goes behind him a little like to his left ear. I will show you myself here, and I will show you the wrong way first. Then I will show you the right way. Here is the wrong way, a linear toss. You think it would be a pretty good toss, I even try to swing my hips out. See that the ball goes straight up a little to the left, I try to bring my hips in I wanted to make it but it wasn't enough. I couldn't and that ball hit the top of the net. Top of the net, you don't want to hit the top of the net. So here's a better serve the very next one I said now I will show them the right way. Watch how my arm slightly curves look how the ball is coming towards me. Now watch there it goes further towards me and I flatten out as well. You have got to be comfortable when you are under pressure and you are hitting serves. I mean it is very very important you don't double fault and you don't have a poor first serve percentage. This is really a big piece to the puzzle. See nice flat serve and he's got that curve take a look at if from behind. You can see Warren drawing out with his hips and completing his arched form with his left hand right. His right arm is coiling but his left arm even has some nonlinear action to it. See that how it comes towards him and there is big flat serve down the center. Now he does the same thing a little more to the left. See this and here comes the kick. You have got to emphasize this arched toss, and believe me it makes a huge difference.

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The toss completes the form.

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