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Hazards Awareness - General Advice

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[MUSIC] [IN CASE OF ANY CONFLICT BETWEEN THE REQUIREMENTS SHOWN IN THE MOVIE AND THE COMPANY'S SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS), PLEASE FOLLOW THE COMPANY'S SMS REQUIREMENTS] [SOUND OF OCEAN] Maritime industy work is known to be hazardous with injury and accident rates far greater than in construction and general industry. Gaining awareness of the points of the points we're about to cover may help prevent injury or even save a life. Watch out for tripping hazards, such as pipes, framing, lines and other protrusions of any kind. Wear suitable footwear that will protect toes from stubbing or falling loads. Maintain a good hold on a slippery deck. And give firm support while using ladders. Take extra care when using ladders while wearing sea boots. Keep in mind that stairways and ladders are usually steeper than stairs and ladders you find on shore. Be sure to secure ladders, and keep ladder steps in good condition. It is dangerous to swing on, vault over or jump off of stair rails, guard rails, pipes and hatches. Take care when using ladders and gangways providing access to or about the vessel, especially when wearing gloves. While you're at sea there is always a possibility of a sudden roll of the ship which can contribute to a loss of balance. In rough weather rig lifelines securely across open decks. Properly coil and stow any wires and ropes that are not in use. Place warning signs for any temporary obstacle or hazard. Keep deck access hatches and manholes closed when not in use. And post guard rails and warning signs when they are open. Clean up spills of oil, grease, soapy water and other substances as soon as possible. Treat slippery areas with sand or another suitable substance. Clear up any litter or loose objects such as tools. And never leave an obstruction to fire fighting equipment, emergency escape routes or watertight doors. We want to remind you that as you move about the ship, you must take care of your own health and safety. Always cooperate with any measures put in place for your safety. Maintaining awareness of the details we just covered will help keep your ship safe and secure for both you and your fellow crew members.

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Hazards Awareness - General Advice

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