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The Plan -

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(The time has come...) (The Revolution has begun.) Earth. Our home. Since the dawn of the industrialized world humanity has given little thought to its connection with its Great Mother. As a species we have built cities and civilizations. We have taken what we want from her body and from her waters. We have filled the air and seas with the waste of our consumption, and scarred the world with the fires of war and greed. And all for one important reason: so that we may learn the lesson that is becoming so clear to us today. That WE are inseparable. Our planet's happiness is our happiness. Her health is our health. Just as her healing, is our own. And so, as we awaken to the truths of our times, as we feel the temperature rise, and 'the Quickening' intensify, we are graced with the remembrance of how we may bring about the collective healing that is so urgently needed in our world today. For, if it can be agreed that all of the self-destructive symptoms prevalent on our planet today, are the result of an overabundance of humanity's greed, ignorance, hate, and fear, then we may just as easily see the way to our cure. For, in accordance with the universal law of balance and the philosophies of ancient healing traditions: "a healthy system, is a balanced system", and it is from this truth that a system's imbalance, has come to be know as its dis-ease. This truth then, along with the cause of humanity's decline, may be easily seen in the imbalanced handling of our current crises; where hate is met with hate, greed with greed, ignorance with ignorance, and fear with fear. And so, as we pile chaos on top of chaos the imbalance intensifies along with humanity's sickness and that of the Earth. Bringing us to the point where our species' "fight fire with fire" and "eye-for-an-eye" mentalities now threaten to leave the whole world burnt and blind. And this they will, unless we can come to a proper understanding of the universal law of balance and exercise our imaginations to see the simple answer that is right in front of us. For all we must do to restore our balance, and therefore our health, is to do what has so seldom been done before: where there is greed, we must bring selflessness; where there is ignorance, we must bring understanding; where there is hate, we must bring compassion; and where there is fear, we must bring love. And in so doing we will stop fueling the imbalance of our society, and will effectively transmute all that is ill and obsolete, into that which is healthy, new and vital. And here it must be realized that this healing is something that can only be achieved... together. For the dedicated collaboration of a minimal number amongst humanity is required in order to establish balance within the darkness of this falling age. (The Definition) A state of emergency has now arisen and we have arrived at both the need for a major turnaround in our awareness and its intelligent application in the world, for we cannot continue along our selfish and unthinking lines of approach and expect to survive much longer. For even though man has to some degree, apparently understood the immediate crisis with which all life is faced upon the planet, he has clearly indicated that he is either unwilling, or incapable, of rectifying the extensive global damage that he himself has inflicted. And so the pollution continues; and still the rape of the planet Earth and the prostitution of her resources persist. However, it must be understood, that the patient intelligence of nature will only allow such abuse to continue up to a certain critical point; enduring man's violations for as long as possible in order that he may be given ample opportunity to learn from his mistakes, and therefore change his ways of his own free will. Yet today, the global crisis is so advanced, and the Earth is in such critical condition, that very soon a new vibratory matrix will necessarily be activated, regardless of the proportion of humanity that is ready for the expanded perspectives that it will reveal. Thus, if events of the past nine years may be viewed as a period of purification, whereby humanity has been afforded the opportunity to clearly see the severity of its impact on the planet and all living things; it must now be understood that humanity and the earth are presently on the cusp of a new phase in their inseparable journeys of growth and expansion. This period of time, prophesied by many ancient cultures, is know to the Mayans as "The Definition", which it is essential to understand, does not mean 'the end of the world.' The definition will be a time of cleansing, whereby a dramatic increase in the intensity of world events will give each individual the OPPORTUNITY to demonstrate their choice of whether they will continue to live for, and exalt, the self, or whether they will choose to work with others, for the greater good of all. And it will be this choice which determines whether each person's consciousness and vibratory rate has achieved the necessary level in order to make a successful transition into the new world. "I am ready for the next step..." "in humanity's evolution." "And now we must seek to unite with others." "The time has come to live for each other." (The Demonstration of Love) As our solar system completes another cycle of its journey through the cosmos, and as the Earth moves closer into alignment with our galactic plane, the new world stands ready and waiting to welcome humanity into a new higher vibratory field; and as we approach this field, it is essential to understand that it is only the demonstration of love that shall positively affect a person's consciousness and vibratory rate to the level that they may make a successful transition into the new world. Thus we must come to an understanding of what constitutes a true demonstration of love. For to date, much emphasis has been laid upon that which is interpreted by most as "love", and not enough have been placed upon WISDOM which is essential in order to understand love's proper definition and therefore its intelligent demonstration. For TRUE love differs greatly from that of the sentimental affectionate and personally interested emotion known as 'love' by so many in our world today. For it is not, in fact, a 'demonstration of love' to stand idly by with pain and a sentiment of caring in one's heart, as someone is violently abused nearby. One must transcend the fear of personal ridicule and discomfort and demonstrate their love by acting on what their heart knows is true. And this truth must be determined by the proper understanding of love, through wisdom. For it may not be the wisest course of action to charge headlong into a battle in someone else's aid; one must use their wisdom and available resources to "do what they can." And so the question that the Earth is requiring us to ask of ourselves today is, are we doing "all that we can", to bring about the changes that we talk about so passionately? And for those of us who are willing to acknowledge that we CAN do more... the time to act is Now. (The Plan) As we gain an understanding of the universal law of balance and how its application may bring healing to ourselves and the world; and as we also learn what it means to offer a true demonstration of love we may then begin to see the simplicity of the action that is so urgently needed in our world today. For the greatest action that we can perform in this moment is to answer our heart's call to come together; that we may focus our combined love, wisdom, and resources, to spread about the factual information of our times, and thereby inspire as many people as possible to live, not for the self, but for the peace and harmony of all. Thus if the four pillars of "The Plan" may be seen as: Unity Truth Compassion and Service, then we may also see how in implementing "The Plan" we are bringing an immediate balance, and therefore healing, to the world's corresponding negative aspects of fear, ignorance, hate, and greed. And in accordance with the law, the more people who commit to the task the greater the healing will be. Adding to the healing that "The Plan" provides on an energetic level, our action of uniting to spread the truths of our times, will inspire others to unite, and to serve both humanity and the earth. And in so doing, we will effect a tremendous transformation in our physical reality as well. For it is indeed the Truth that shall set us free; just as the acknowledgment of Three Essential Truths of our times will serve to reveal that humanity's only sane course of action is to Unite and free itself from its current self-destructive system. Those three truths are: Number One WE, through our current motivation of self-gain are the only engines driving our current system, and, therefore, WE hold the power to stop it. Number Two Our current system of self-service is unsustainable, and is presently leading us on a path of inevitable destruction. Number Three The ONLY way that we may divert our current course is to Unite, and thereby lend each other the necessary support to make the switch from living for the self, to living for the peace and harmony... of All. Thus by revealing truths such as these we will shine a light that will allow us to find, and be found by, those who are seeking change in the darkness of this falling age. Our light will be added to your light, until very soon, those changes that seemed impossible when we were alone or in small groups will become probable, as our amassed energy and resources open doorways to infinite possibilities that we could not see from our previous perspective of isolation. And all of this, performed in Service by those who are willing to assist each other in living in a new way; will create a new vital structure for society that will rise from the ashes of the old-world system as it crumbles from its own selfish actions. Thus the healing of humanity and the Earth will be realized and we will move into the higher vibratory field of the new world... together... as One. Have faith, for we are... (Awakening As One) (This Summer.) (We will unite) (to demonstrate our love.) (to the World.) (How can you demonstrate yours?) (1. Spread the Truths of our Times.) (Go to) ( (click on "The Call") (then forward the dotSub link) (to Everyone you know.) (2. Unite with others.) (Seek others in your area who are actively working to realize a more harmonious existence) (And if none can be found...) (then contact us.) (Go to) ( (And get involved in one of our many) (Fields of Service.) (Ambassadors) (Hubs of communication who assist with our outreach to other individuals and organizations in their cities, with the intention of uniting in Action.) (Community Councils) (Regular meetings where people create and implement plans to alleviate their dependence on our current self-destructive system.) (Summer Solstice Event) (The first in a series of events planned for the summer in which we will bring the Truths presented in "The Call" and "The Plan" to the streets.) (Translations) (We are looking for translators to assist with other-language versions of our films.) (Whoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he lights up the whole world.) (If he does not Shine, he is darkness.) (the bodhissatva Issa) (Now watch) ("The Prophecy")

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Country: Canada
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Producer: Awakening As One
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Posted by: awakeningasone on Jul 8, 2010

"The Prophecy" approaches.

On August 20th AAO's new film
will be launched to the world
in multiple languages.

Watch "The Call" and "The Plan"
again, and let the world know
that "The Prophecy" is coming.

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