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Day 9 Celebrate_03

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This 10 days of prayer creates a new momentum, new synergy, new relationship amongst these people. Thy Kingdom Come, it's, let's say 10 days prayer group sessions in a village. We translated the materials and we sent them throughout the diocese, then for the 8 villages we organised the 10 days of prayer. The aim was for each village, they run the prayer sessions for 10 days. So it's mainly outdoors, but organised by the family, hosted by the family. They invited all their friends to come and some young people came. I remember exactly this family accepted to host us and the mother said "Ok, you know these two boys, they were Confirmed in our church but .. um ... but they're a bit lazy to come to church" but that prayer, which is a very simple prayer and also held in their house, they were touched by that way of coming to their house and they started to come back to church again. Which is very unusual for the younger generation. Another case being, once again also, we were hosted in a couple's house. As usual mother goes to church, but not the father. But because they hosted that prayer time and the father after the prayer, he asked questions "but what does prayer mean? And why do you come here?" It helped him to at least understand at the beginning: "Ok, so I can talk to God - with my family. As simple as like that." One of the transformational impacts of prayer life is that we could put in place our prayer group and we are now using the same group for intentional discipleship. This 10 days of prayer creates a new momentum, new synergy, new relationship amongst these people. Indeed the Holy Spirit is now becoming real for them and we thank God because it's time for us to go out of the church and to meet people where they are, pray with them and since then this prayer group has been continuing and we use this prayer group for many things in the parish now.

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Day 9 Celebrate_03

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