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School of Dentistry

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As an international leader in education, research, and clinical services. University of Washington School of dentistry’s educates a diverse student body and brings advances and excellence in oral health care science. to the pressing oral health needs of our state, the nation, and the world. (Jason Dashow):The dental degree is actually quite wide spanning thing these days. You could be a general dentist and do the things that you would expect, to get fillings dentures, implants, crowns things like that. Or you can decide to take one of the sub specialties in dentistry. (Frank Roberts):If you like science, if you like understanding how the body works etc but you also like to doing something to with your hands and having an artistic side etc.. then that is a really good field for you. (Cristy Jen): University of Washington is actually one of those schools that are big into community outraged prevention, education, and so that's what linked me to here. The dental students and dental faculties come over here at the clinic and we provide free dental care for you know homeless teenagers around this area. (Frank Roberts): I was part of a team that put together a new electric toothbrush so it's called Ultreo it’s a really neat toothbrush and so the bristles vibrate sonically, make bubbles in the toothpaste, and water etc. and then the little paddles emits ultrasound and causes the bubbles to pulse and the pulsing of the bubbles actually does cleaning of the teeth. so actually cleans beyond the bristles beyond where the bristles can get to so it can get into the crevices in the teeth. So mouth guard project first and for most the goal is to give out mouth guards to all the University of Washington athletes (Nester Cohenca): Mouth guards are very easy and simple way to prevent dramatic injuries. It is simply fabricated by just taking impression and then fabricating mouth guards, concussions drama from the head can be in probably a little bit more completely inverted having a mouth guard because the mouth guard is in extra thickess that absorbs some of shock. Once someone teeth comes together really high. 3 out 10 athletes are going to suffer some kind of injury which you know can be very mild to severe throughout their life. And that not a very small number so we try to prevent those injuries by just fabricating something simple like a mouth guard. People come in and paying in and get them out of it something I like to do. It’s very rewarding to see those patience after you save your teeth and at the same time taking them out of pain.

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University of Washington Health Sciences Tour - School of Dentistry

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