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Dylan! Oh! It has started *Ahem* Welcome, everyone, to our cooking competition Our chefs are China's top of the line Today, only two of our strongest teams remain This is, "Dog Meat Tastes Good Cooking Competition!" Today. we have two teams; Apple and Orange team This is team Orange; with Eugene and Joshua I am Eugene I am 65 years old I am in the seventh grade I like to play with little children I am Josh I am seven years old I am already in first year college This person Eugene is really weak and full of fat This is our second team, Team Apple, with Vincent and Jasper Hello, I am Jasper I am 65 years old and I am in the second grade I have three mothers two fathers My second mother is the most beautiful I started cooking when I was young Ok, Vincent? I am Vincent I am in the fifteenth grade this year I am in first year university I want to use the toilet He doesn't know how to speak. He is Vincent He is seven years old, in tenth grade He is my classmate Uhh I don't know if he is a man or a woman Uhh Team Apple, Orange, you must make two dishes I will give you one hour Time starts now! Jasper? Eugene? I don't know why they are running. I have already won AHH! Here, we have noodles, sweet yellow soybean sauce, ginger, garlic, and green onions We can make yellow soybean sauce noodles Yes, we can make yellow soybean sauce noodles! We will first cut 10 grams of ginger and a few green onions Okay, we will now turn on the heat Then add 20 grams of oil add ground pork Oh! It has cooked for five minutes I will add, hmmm 200 grams of, this... uh, this... thing Okay! I also added half a cup of water I will now put the chopped things: green onions, ginger, and garlic into the sauce Then mix The sauce will slowly become thicker ok, I will put the lid on for 5 minutes We will now fill up have the pot with water now we will add heat 10 minutes is up! We will... woh! the water is boiling! we will put the noodles in then put on the lid OW these noodles will boil for 5-8 minutes, then will be ready We will mix the noodles when the water boils again we can then take out the noodles I will put two handfuls of spinach in however, I have not washed my hands Ai The noodles are ready. I will turn off the heat then take out the noodles *faaah* okay! once the noodles are taken out, I will add some veggies then, add two spoons of yellow soybean sauce okay, now we will make sir-fried tomatoes and egg and as you can see I will crack the eggs I'm using two eggs okay! I used to cook when I was little, so we should be able to win Here we have four tomatoes we will cut up the tomatoes into little chunks I have already beaten up the eggs, so now I will add a little salt Okay! now that that's in I will mix again okay! first we turn the heat to high then add about 10 grams of oil okay okay, Eugene has already added oil so now I will spread it evenly okay, now that the oil is hot I will put in the eggs Okay! we shouldn't have the heat too high or else the eggs will burn Now that the eggs are almost ready we will add the tomatoes This looks delicious Okay, I feel like this dish is done I'll pour it out okay we first will turn off the heat, don't forget to turn off the heat everyone okay There are 30 minutes left! Our second dish will be Fermented Rice Soup. Me and Jasper know how to make We will fill half the pot with water Then, we will add heat Okay, we will crack open the eggs two eggs Once they are cracked we will then mix thoroughly We will wait until the water boils, then put this in The water is boiling! we will add 300 grams of this, fermented rice we will allow this to boil Once the water is boiling we will add the eggs we will also add a lot of sugar NOOO! alright, it is done There are 15 minutes remaining! Now we will make rice for the rice you add two cups of uncooked rice and a little water I have already done this so I will press start 20 minutes later, the rice is done look at that, so delicious okay, now we will crack open one egg okay, now that the egg is in we will beat it once you see bubbles, this is correct now it should be good okay, now that our eggs are well beat we will stir-fry them just like before. we will put a little bit of oil around 5 grams then, pour the eggs into the wok *laughing* (forgot to turn on the stove) Now, the heat is on. We will now cook the eggs I am a living idiot goddamit NONONO put it down! did you actually put enough eggs? how many eggs is that one Hi I'm Eugene and I'm idiot THERES NO OIL LEFT I'm so scared right now whys one egg YO are u like DONT WORRY DONT WORRY SHUTUPSHUTUPPSHUTUP WE NEED MEAT wheres the meat no we don't need meat there's no meat? get everything guys move! I don't want to laugh okay, now we will put the vegetables in add a little corn *moan* Now we will add the rice give me a spoon okay, this much is enough EUGENE EUGENE TOO MUCH too much? aihhhya..its fine k. now... so, AIY? the hell is this? this is super delicious vegetarian fried rice okay many people now days don't want to eat meat so we made corn, egg, and... vegetable fried rice okay, this is really delicious okay, done! I am now going to go to the washroom, wait This rice needs a popsicle AH WAIT A SECOND WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHAT ARE YOU DOING (Eugene) WHAT ARE YOU DOING AIY! AIY! AIY! AIY! My rice! MY RICE NO After further consideration I feel adding a popsicle is not bad because it adds a sweet flavour, so it becomes a little salty and sweet this way it is extremely delicious see, I, I am really such a great chef See, this popsicle is blueberry flavoured, so this fried rice will have a milky blueberry flavour Also, with the added soy-sauce and salt this will definitely be delicious Eugene, is it finished? yes ok give to you ok its a little hot careful let me try some Okay! Team Orange! Come! Okay! Dylan, this is my tomato and egg stir fry, please eat Okay! Eugene! ok, Dylan, this is my... uh, fried rice with eggs uhhhh vegetables, corn, and..popsicle blueberr-POPSICLE? blueberry popsicle, try it, it's very delicious a little sweet and a little salt many flavours, super delicious try it okay this dish, very yummy, but no beef so I don't like okay, this one hm I cannot say anything I feel this is a 6/10 This is... -1 Okay! Team Apple! Come! Hello, this is my freshly made yellow soybean sauce noodles please eat okay! jasper! Hello! This is fermented rice soup and egg ok, thank you This is really yummy, and also has beef I like it Oh! Thank you Egg and rice? huh? hm, this is not bad ok, come I feel this is a.... 6/10 This is... 9/10 okay ok, I ate every team's dish I feel, The winning team is..... Team Orange!!!!!! AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! LETS GOO bless I feel that Team Apple had the better food but, Eugene is the most handsome person so, they won

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