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Environmental Degradation in Tamil Nadu. Sadhguru

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see most of you already know this UNESCO has predicted sixty percent of tamilnadu will become desert in the next twenty five years Do you know this? the way things are going I don't think it will take twenty five years Because as I have seen in last 10yrs In coimbatore district atleast I have seen five Perennial rivers going dry ten years ago two hundred feet Borewell you were getting good water Today 1200 feet they are going, still no water this is not a joke this is a disaster I don't know if you open your eyes and see if you just drive around Coimbatore except this siruvani road if you drive around any of these roads around either Mettupalayam road or sathi road or tirupur road Or the avinashi road or the paladam road You will see it's almost like desert have you noticed this? Even the palm trees are going dry I think in tamil language they have said something to the palm trees go dry that means total annihilation is coming You know, something like this is said because if palm trees cannot get nourishment that means, no other plant is capable of getting nourishment because this is something that can grow in a desert palm trees grow in Iran and Iraq and Saudi Arabia But they are unable to survive in Tamil Nadu so this is not a joke people are taking it too lightly if you'd drive from here to Madurai you would think that you're driving through a desert only have you done it recently? Yes? Here to Madurai you drive almost 250kms two hundred kilometers you would see the most part of it is like desert totally absolutely dry if you don't do something about it now We will leave nothing worthwhile for our children in this land thousands of years they brought it well and gave it to us in one generation what we're doing to the land is so bad so terribly bad even now within five years time We can reverse the process the sixty million people if they all plant one tree and take care of it In next five years in five to ten years time the whole situation will be reversed that's all it takes but inspiring the sixty million people to plant one, one tree and take care of it that's the job that's the big job as a part of this we planted many trees We are seeding the Velliangiri Hills Every rainy season We are taking seeds in a particular way. It is put so that During the rainy season it sprouts and grows it is easy to do it there because the land is good Rain is reasonably okay it'll happen but in the plains it's a different issue so now we're giving out All of you should take it Oh it was not given to me, that's not the point. You must come and pick it. We are giving 25 plastic covers and twenty five seeds You take it home you get some dig some earth from your house or from your neighbors compound, its okay put a little manure in it and put the seed. Water it everyday, in six months time by june, july, august Or atleast by September or October you must bring back this big plant, twenty five... the twenty five plants Are going to villages two school children will take up one plant as a project In partnership they're going to take care of this plant one thing is, trees will come. Another thing is, children will grow with this awareness And we are trying to talk to the school teacher that once a month, the teacher walks around the village and grades the plants Ok this child's tree is growing well Small acknowledgement in the school some kind of acknowledgement or even some kind of prize to be given or something for this tree that is growing well see in a village of thousand people with that kind of population, just fifty trees come up, the whole situation will change and the management of the situation will change because if he can sit under a shade it's a different thing all day you are in heat you just go to any of the villages its hot. Hot through the day so much have you been through villages it's simply hot and unbearable if you live in that kind of conditions, definitely you would be angry and irritated The dust and the heat and everything just fifty trees to thousand population, even if it comes up it changes the whole complexion of the village and it is not impossible nor is it difficult It is very very easy to do this but somewhere we thought it's not necessary or we are busy with something else we think it is not important it is extremely important if this generation of people don't realize how important it is next generation of people they will have to move, large part of people have to move out of Tamil Nadu, there will no other way to live really I wanted to just you know put and at least in your car or motorcycle and just ride around see and come How dry it is gone How bone dry Land has become When things happen like this naturally the village populations slowly moves to the city and once they come to city it is a whole lot of degradation once again for the human being Migrated population always go through terrible degradations, isn't it? in the village even if he eats less than the city, he lives with some dignity working on the land as a human being but once it comes to the city, he loses all his basic stuff and become something else altogether, being a slum dweller A farmer is different a slum dweller is very different, isn't it so? But all of us are making this happen everyday pushing the whole situation in that direction As we are doing a lot lot of effort to start industry to run businesses it's extremely important, the land that we live upon is taken care of some effort we are making too minuscule but the kind of problem that we have what we are doing is too little. too little that needs to happen On a huge scale, on a massive scale it just needs enormous resources. If we had the money, we would have started huge environmental projects statewide but you know it involves money. Money and people to keep it going

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the drastic environmental degredation that has occured in the state of Tamil Nadu, India within a very short period of time. (SaO27)

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