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These little guys are so cute. I'd really like them for a pet. But, may be that's not such a good idea! Susan, I bet everyone who sees Sampson and all his friends want to take him home as a pet! They do! They say penguins are so cute. Penguins are so cuddly! But, they are actually horrible, horrible pets! Why would Sampson not be a great pet? Well, first off, Sampson is just like all his penguin friends! They poop every 5-10 minutes. Sampson, are you a big pooper? Yes! So, that's a lot to clean up if you have him as a pet. In addition to that, Sampson is a wild animal. He's got a lot of very special needs. If you see this nice tank of water behind us, this is cooled to 66 degrees constantly. So, Sampson likes it in a very nice temperature of that water. Yeah. And, we also put ozone into it and we also filter it. So, that's a very complex system to have. It's not something that you can really have at your house. Yes, it would be difficult to have at the house for sure. Yes! And, in addition to that, they do bite! So, that's something else too! Nobody's going to ask about, "Are they aggressive at all?" Well, they can be. And, any animal can be aggressive! And, Sampson here is a little bit more friendly, because, he was hand raised at the Memphis Zoo before he came here. But... So, he was actually hatched in captivity. He was. He was. Yes! Most of us think of penguins, as being, you know, a bird in snow, in the Arctic. But, most of them come from warmer climates. That's right! That's right! There's actually 17 different species of penguin, and only 5 of them are found in Antarctica. And, the rest are in warmer climates. So, you've got them in... South Africa, you've got them in South America, you have them in Australia, and they are on the beach! So, they are on the shoreline. They're really putting on quite a show for, as they are in the water! Absolutely! Well, they are very curious animals, since they like to see what's going on. They see one of their friends out here! They see Sampson out here! They're wondering what's Sampson doing talking to us! So, they'e just circling around and trying to check things out! Well, another reason I think it'd be difficult to have a penguin as a pet would be about what you feed them! What do you feed these? We feed them fish. So, they get Smelt, that's one of the fish that they're fed, and, they also have a very special diet too. We have to provide them with a lot of minerals that they would normally get in the wild in their fish. So, we have to stuff their fish with different vitamins... I see... to make sure that they're fortified with all the nutrients. That's a really happy healthy penguin. And, they also get anti-malarial drugs too! Here in the south, we do have a susceptibility for birds for anti-malarial, so... having them, having them... kept safe is also very important. So, we do also give them an anti-malarial drug as well. Hey, if you're enjoying these Farm Raised segments, check out with us regularly. You never know what you're going to find! And, make sure you subscribe to Farm Raised. Come on Sampson. Let's go! He likes me! He likes me! He really likes me!

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