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Headaches gone

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Hey everybody it's Dr.Tiffany with Thrive Chiropractic Health Center here in Jacksonville, and a lot of people are wondering if their pain in the neck will ever go away if their pain in the head will ever go away, or they've got their system down. They're like "Yup, I feel a migraine coming on and as long as I take an Exedrine I'm good." But what happens if you don't have Exedrine with you or you just don't want to have to take pills for the rest of your life? Well, we have Tyler here and he has some AWESOME news to share with everybody. Tyler, where were you before you met us, where are you now? If you could share your story with everybody... Ok Doc, so when I first started coming here to THRIVE it could almost be a once or twice a week kind of thing where I would get a migraine or a like a tension headache. And I actually fell victim to that, where I would just have Exedrine on hand. Or something that would ease the pain. But, since I started coming here to THRIVE from the beginning of December/end of November I've virtually had NO tension headaches at all! The night and day difference that I've had as far as neck discomfort and headaches; it's amazing. What's really awesome is watching you roll up on your bike, your Harley, is it a Harley? It's a Victory. IT'S A VICTORY! Sorry. I don't know bikes! Ok! I KNOW SPINES! I don't know bikes. So thinking of, ok, what it would be like to have your helmet on with a migraine and riding? Could you even enjoy it? Oh it was awful! Before I started coming here I would ride for maybe a half hour or forty five minutes and I would be in pain for days. So coming here has helped me enjoy that a lot more it's something that I love to do and if I can do it without discomfort than it's MORE than WORTH coming here! That's awesome! We're super excited to watch people's quality of life improve. It's awesome when symptoms go away that's always a plus, BUT it's about LIFE being RESTORED Also, the pressure in his nervous system is GONE. It's going away- which is amazing because your nervous system isn't just in charge of telling you when things are in pain, it's about FUNCTION! So while the pain and symptoms are gone, it means his body is able to heal better than when he started here which means we are avoiding other disease processes down the road. So we are super excited for you Tyler. Let us know if you need our help 904-683-9397 or just drop a comment below we would be happy to answer any questions.

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Chiropractic Care and headaches

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