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Julemakeup - makeup inspiration til dit party look | Max Factor Danmark

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We're backstage at Max Factor today where we've created this gorgeous, smoky, sultry eye on Candice. I've added a beautiful flash of green eyeliner with a little bit of gold on in the corner and it makes it perfect for the party season. My key tip for this look is really to start with a brown coal pencil, smudge it around the eyes, even you know, use a brush or fingers to get the right shape. And then afterwards, I love to add shadows on top because this really intensifies the look. The next look is a very gorgeous, dramatic evening look and it's very seductive, highly glamorous, and very inspired by Candice's beautiful catlike eyes. And it's just a really beautiful, pulled out, smoky eye. And then really close to the lash, I've just added a real flash of beautiful green pigment for that extra sparkle. My perfect tip for this look, it's all about that perfect wing liner. I know a lot of women struggle with this. But the way to do it is take a black pencil, draw your line, use a cotton bud to clean off so that you've got the right angle, and then just finish with a liquid liner so that you have complete staying power. This is a very bold, brave, decadent, and hedonistic look. Bold shimmers, lots of color, full blush, glossy lips. This is a really strong couture look that women can take inspiration from. You can take a blush, you can either use the bold lip, you know, even use the eye shadow just work it as an eye liner. So you can literally break it apart to make the prefect party look. If you're brave, do the whole thing. My key tip is to apply the color using a damp brush so that you get more color intensity.

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Posted by: howdini on Oct 2, 2017

Max Factor Danmark præsenterer: Se hvordan Pat McGrath giver smukke Candice Swanepoel en sofistikeret julemakeup. Få makeup inspiration til det perfekte party look til julefesten. Køb Max Factor makeup online hos

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Hent inspiration fra Candices fest makeup. Har du mod til at flashe intense øjne, læber og kinder, eller vil du hellere fokusere på ét element og skabe et mere afdæmpet glamour look?

Få inspiration i denne behind the scenes video hvor vores Global Creative Director, Pat McGrath, skaber tre skønne party makeup looks til Candice. Hun viser også, hvordan du mestrer at lave en flot winged eyeliner.

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