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Ivanti Internship Program - Friday Fun

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I rode a whale shark. The best person I imagine to have secret dancing skills would be Steve. And I forgot his last name, I don't know if I can say that on camera. But Steve Bates, I imagine him to be this very romantic salsa dancer. You know? Like Merengue. You know? I don't know if he would agree with me but that's what I imagine that he does. Jason Wood is your man if you want an arm wrestling hero. That guy could take anybody. -Is that mostly due to his hair? -That's mostly due to his hair, yes. He has also the best hair I've ever seen in my life. On my team, the person most likely to be on a daytime soap opera I would say is Brian. He is very funny and is just very friendly and I think would just own the TV. I had this heated debate with my family recently and it was actually occurring in the office too. Personal opinion is no. I think its too hefty of a chunk but technically a sandwich is bread with meat and hot dog isn't technically meat either. So...negative. A hot dog is not a sandwich. It would have to be the grilled cheese sandwich because anything that's fried in butter, that's going to win. -I agree. Oh my gosh! One time I was sitting at my desk, and his office is right across from mine, I hear "Toxic" by Brittany Spears come on and I was like, "What?" But, I think it was a cover, maybe it was his band covering it. But I was like, "What is going on?" I think the equivalent of Dwight at the office is Mark Bird because he's kind of a dork. For Ivanti I personally think a sentinel cloud would make an awesome mascot. It would just make a lot of sense technologically and you could make it really cute. So, that's great too. -What did you say? Mark Bell. Definitely. He just has a lot of sass and I feel like that really contributes to dance moves. So I think it would work really well. Oh, that's a good question. Let's think about that. I would say really any 80s hair metal band would be perfect because I just find that really funny. -Money. Okay, good. Thanks man. -Cool. Thank you guys.

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Posted by: ivanti on Aug 16, 2019

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