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Once you've navigated to the player builder at, you'll see two options. Create player or select an existing player. Let's start by creating a new player. There are three elements to a Tout player. The first is the feed. You determine which user names and hashtags are able to contribute to your player. The second is the design of your player. You can choose the colors and images of the player style. Finally, each of your players can serve ads. By simply pacing an ad tag, they call up your ad server. For instance, DoubleClick for Publishers or FreeWheel. Determine if you want pre-roll ads to play prior to your Tout, and frequency thereafter. Once you complete the three step process, you'll be able to mix and match the feed, the design, and the ads in order to maximize their flexibility and utility of your Tout player. Before we start step one, let's title the player that we're building. Now let's create a content feed. You'll see you have two options: create content feed or select existing feed. If you have an existing feed, it'll populate down here. Let's create a new content feed. First, determine the title of your feed. For instance, this could be a home page feed, or you could create this feed for a sports page section front where only sports reporters might be contributing to it. But for this demonstration, we'll just title it demo feed. Secondly, I want to decide which contributors and hashtags can add content to this player. I can search user name on tout. For instance, @TeamTout. Or full names. Gardner Loulan. Note that if someone has not added their full name to their account, their user name will not appear. Select your contributors and you'll see it they appear in the feed preview. And you can remove them by clicking on the X. You could also have content that's hashtag specific to appear in your feedly and player as well. For instance, #TeamTout is also a hashtag. Therefore when users @TeamTout or @Gardner use the hashtag #TeamTout, will their content appear in the player. If you'd like for anyone to contribute content to your feed using a specific hashtag, you can allow public user generated content. Just turn that on. Another example might be if Gartner was a sports reporter, and you add the hashtag #SuperBowl, only when Gartner created a Tout with the hashtag #SuperBowl in the title would it show up in the player. The hashtag is like a key that allows the user to populate the feed. If you leave the hashtag feel blank, any content these users create will be added to the feed and perhaps your player depending on your moderation controls. Now that we've specified our users and optional hashtags, let's create the speed and move on to step two, designing the look of the player. On the design page, you'll have two options. Create custom design or choose existing design. The existing designs will appear below. Let's create a custom design. First, you want to name your design. Second, choose the content starting with the width and height of your player. Next, you can create optional header text which will appear here in the head of the player. Select your font, size, and color. But we'd recommend a header background. If you upload a header background, you can add an image that is specific to your site or sponsor directly from your desktop. We recommend uploading a background image in png, pdf, or gif format designed specifically for your player in the proper dimensions. The height of the header is 40 pixels, and the background image width should be the same as the player width, in this case 300 pixels. Whether you add text or a background image, you can paste a link that can be clickable in your header. If you don't upload a header background, you can select a color and it'll appear in your header. Video controls are simple. If you want the most recent tout at the top of your player, select new to old. If you want your videos to play in chronological order, select old to new. You can allow users to comment on your content. When they reply with tout, it's a video reply. So you create a visual conversation. Just turned commenting on. Finally, if you want your videos to auto-play when users land on your page, turn auto-play videos on. Once your design is complete, click creat and move onto the next step, insert ads. Any previous ad configurations will appear here. Let's create a new ad configuration. Name your campaign. Once you configure ad campaigns for your ad server, like DoubleClick for Publishers, just paste the ad tag URL. Choose the frequency of how often you want that ad to appear. For instance, after every third tout video. And if you want a pre-roll ad, which will serve up a video ad after a viewer clicks play on the first video on your player. Create, and either launch your preview or copy your embed code. When you return to the player's tab, you'll see that your complete demo player, with the demo feed, demo design, and demo ads are available. You could copy the embed code here, and edit your player. Or remove it completely. Click on create player and you'll see you now have the demo feed already constructed, or create new content feeds. When you click on the feed, you can clearly see the preview over here. If you go to the design page, it has the demo design we created previously. And finally, we go to insert ads. The ad tag is available here. Now you can create new feeds, design new players, and insert different ad tags. And mix and match each one of these to create multiple players which you can embed across multiple pages. If you have any questions you can email our premium account services team, find us on Twitter @ToutHelp, or look through various Tout tips on

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Learn how to create a real-time Tout Player that you can add to your website and generate revenue from.

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