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Firefox: il browser di fuoco

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Its name is Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, and it's a browser, a program to surf the internet Mmm... I'm into it... Firefox is currently the second most used browser in the world, after Internet Explorer for Windows, which probably would not be the first, if it were not already installed with Microsoft operating systems. On 17 June 2008 the new version was released, the 3, which in 24 hours has been downloaded 8 million times, thus entering the Guinness Book of World Records. Firefox is available for any operating system: obviously for Linux, since it is Open Source, but also for Windows and Mac. And clearly it's free. By the way, Firefox, in English, means... no, wrong: it means red panda! But in fact, symbol is a fox on fire,... Ah yes... it is as if a company named "sea lion" had as a symbol a lion at the sea. But let's see what's extraordinary in the lion, wrong, the fox,... the panda,... in short, the beast. For those who surf the Internet, the main concern is to avoid scams and viruses. Every time you type an address, Firefox checks to see if that site is on the black list made available by Google and warns you about a possible danger. It's a very effective way to avoid those sites that contain viruses or programs that may damage your computer. Another type of widespread scam is phishing: fake sites that mimic the layout of institutional sites or banks, in order to steal passwords or PIN. To avoid such scams, since long have been developed digital certificates, that guarantee the identity of a subject. Well, if the site is fitted, Firefox automatically becomes green and highlights it. You can also retrieve additional information on the site where you are: how many times you have visited it before, if you access via a password, when it was last changed and much more. We shouldn't forget that Firefox is a Free Software, which means that it is always under the eyes of thousands of experts who can discover and report any small bug! Periodically the software checks the availability of patches or new versions and if there are, it informs you. The update is done with two clicks! Very useful is the key "citral", control, which can be used for a sea of operations. For example, holding it you can duplicate the navigation tabs and with all the navigation history, a very comfortable feature to follow different inquiries in parallel! You need to copy different parts of a text? Again, with the help of key "citral", control you can make a discontinuous selection of the text! Copy and paste! In combination with the "plus" and "minus" you can zooms and decrease the page, without deformating the proportions of objects inside! Do you have in mind that annoying habit of some sites which... pop! they open up ads before our eyes? Well, by default, Firefox blocks these annoying windows! And if you need them, then you can authorize the site to make pop! Then there's the Awesome Bar, the smart bar, where not only you write the addresses, but you automatically search among your favorites and the sites you have visited recently and if nothing is found, it searches in Google and Wikipedia. Again on the Bar you can fast mark both the RSS, pressing on the special icons invented by the Mozilla Foundation, and the bookmarks, clicking on the star. You can devote to reorder them calmly and when you have time, creating custom folders, too: extraordinary the ways of organization. About bookmarks ... in case of a move from Internet Explorer to Firefox, don't be afraid, you can import them easily! Let's move to the other bar, to the right. Google is the default search engine, but you can choose whatever you want: Yahoo!, Wikipedia, an Italian-English dictionary, an etymological dictionary, the white pages, ... There are more than 16,000 and the most famous are clearly Youtube and search for torrent files ... little scamps... But Firefox is really unsurpassable with extensions, small programs that you can download and add, which allow you to do with ease specific operations. Here are some examples ... Would you like to download videos from YouTube or other video sharing sites? An extension called Video Downloadhelper lets you do it very easily and let you even set the automatic conversion of video files in a specific format. Who hates advertisements in the web sites, find an ally in AdBlock Plus, which blocks all of them! These are just two examples of the hundreds of extensions available, for every whim or need, all free downloadable from Mozilla site. And then there is the choice of the themes: you do not like the default for your operating system? You prefer one more daring? Spatial? Honey? More sober? Choose the style that suits you! There may be doubt about which browser to use? Someone will say, but I am used with mine ... Yes ... but it is as if for a transcontinental flight they would offer to move for free in first class and you If you believe that these videos are useful, help us to create new ones! How? Distribute them as much as possible: you are allowed by the licence, we choise it on purpose! Let us know what you liked and what should be improved, correct the text of the new episodes, or evaluate video previews. Participate in the research and development of the text, help us to resolve some technical problems or even help translate the texts in other languages! Make a donation, become a sponsor, or put us in contact with possible donors. Subscribe to the newsletter of the project, and choose how to cooperate. Or follow the work in the "Cantiere" (dockyard)! Every little help is valuable. See you soon!

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PinGuide. Un'introduzione al mondo del Software Libero
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Presentazione di Mozilla Firefox, il browser open source sicuro e veloce

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