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Racialeyes Promo Video

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Você sabe que dizem que os olhos são janelas para a alma? O tamanho dessa janela é determinado pelos nossos olhos? Se ela é feita de metal, madeira ou vidro? Quanta luz eles deixam entrar? E sobre ela estar aberta ou fechada? My eyes? Dark and pulled back. They are pulled back... I have a crease but it doesn't show up much, it depends. (Laughs) Wow. I've never thought about that before. My eyes are brown, not black. I have a crease. I don't. It looks like he doesn't have a crease. It is a reason to exclude me. People have stared and said to me and said "look, you are different". I think it's special, not different. To me it is different, I was isolated because of it. It's not like I think my eyes are better or anything like that. I just like them, that's all. When people look at me, they always get confused, mainly here in Brasil. They can't tell if someone is Japanese, Chinese or Korean. But.. Then my eyes are just...Asian. Pulled back, green and... strong. They have a sort of... power, force. I remember when I was a child... My mom is German. She has blue eyes. I asked her why my eyelid came down like this and wasn't like hers because hers is like that of a "gaijin" (foreigner) so it goes in to make a crease. I asked her why mine was different and she said, "Well, because you are Japanese". They are... a little pulled back but not too much. So depending on the point of view of the person, for example for people of Asian descent, they are not pulled back. But for people not of Asian descent, for Brazilians, they are. While I don't look completely Asian, you can tell from my eyes that I am of Asian descent. They're bipolar. Sometimes their color makes them seem Asian, other times they are very... Brazilian. I think that... lately I feel a lot more comfortable with them. I never liked that they were small. I've always wanted bigger eyes. But I think... I'm starting to learn to like them a little more.

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Posted by: miayamashiro on Jan 16, 2016

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