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Depoimento _ Cezar Busto

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I'm Cezar Busatto Porto Alegre's Head of the Secretariat for Local Governance, Brazil. For us, an ethical city is where government and community rule together. We develop this idea within the concept of Local Solidarity Governance, in which the partnership between government and community focuses on helping the ones who most need the circumstances, improvements and resources for the development of their own life projects. This has tradition in Porto Alegre. It started around 26 years ago with the Participatory Budgeting, in which communities from disadvantaged areas of the city, who most need the public resources, the public services, the social developments, they decide how to allocate the budget resources. And what they decide is rigorously executed by the Municipality. The Participatory Budgeting is authoritative, not consultative: whatever is decided, is acted upon. This has also tradition in the Citizenship and Sustainability Networks, as these go to the poorest communities that are not organised, unable to participate in the Participatory Budgeting. The networks reorganise these communities, so they can slowly meet their own needs, access public services then unavailable to them such as electricity, water and sanitation. This is done through the empowerment and mobilisation of the communities themselves, in partnership with the public sector. And more recently this concept has also been applied in our Resilience Networks. We participate in the "100 Resilient Cities" project by the Rockefeller Foundation. Porto Alegre is one of the participant cities and, through the Local Resilience Networks in the city's 17 regions, we support the community to develop their own social improvement projects. They usually seek training, seek other partners to help them not only design projects but also implement them, turning them into reality through partnerships with other institutions: private companies, NGOs, the public sector itself, Universities. So, for us, an ethical city is the one that allows the establishment of the Local Solidarity Governance, i.e. collaboration networks where government, communities, private sector and Universities work together for a better city.

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Depoimento _ Cezar Busto

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