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-Sashihara-san is so different from her usual style. -Yeah, different. In all she's an idol. -It's surely going to be a great photo collection. -Definitely great. [But...] "We can just slack off", that's probably the only reason you guys are here. I can deeply feel what you guys are thinking right now: "Why not? Not bad to slack off a little bit." Is it really OK? Our show's first day in Okinawa... I'm quite surprised that we have such low workload here. WHAT? It should be me who's kinda surprised. Tomorrow, A hell of big surprise will be brought by Team "Sashihara's Rebellion". [The second day. Weather: Sunny] [First, it's a photo session with animals] First time with a goat? -First photo session ever with a goat? -Not sure. I can't remember at all. I can't say it's definitely not the first time though. [A meeting with goats] Exciting, isn't it? I'm not that excited to meet a goat. Maybe I'll be, when I see it. -It's said Okinawan goat soup is quite famous. -Ew. Watch your steps. You talk about goat soup when you are on the way to meet them? Terrible! Awful! Terrible! It's just a friendly photo session. -What the hell are you talking about? -It's kinda terrible. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. -Ah~~~ hahaha -Cute, cute, isn't that cute? [Two lively white goats] Cute. They enjoy their food. You can touch them. -Just like that. -Scary, scary, scary.... Forget it. I can't do that. I'll pass. Looks like It doesn't like it too. In photo collections, when there are animals, the visual effect is usually good. Especially the facial expression. That soft smile is exactly what we want. If shooting alone, it'd be difficult to take her natural smile. 'Cause she's an idol. All credits to these goats. I'm really thankful. [And then something happens...] -Sasshi, Sasshi. -Yes? -How are those goats? -They are cute. -Right, and you have a nice expression... I noticed something. Where is Fukuda-san? Fukuda-san, eh.. He isn't here. -He contacted me through Line. -What happened? It seems that he's writing script for another show. He apologized for it. But he will come in evening. You are talking so much, that I can't even thrust in a word. What? So he isn't here? Writing script? [Fukuda Yuuichi will be later] So he is in an Okinawan hotel, which is paid for by money we got for the photo collection project of "Sashihara's Rebellion"? -Writing script in a hotel which he didn't pay for? -Yeah. -I didn't tell you at the beginning not to spoil your mood. -Like my mood isn't spoiled when you tell me now! I thought it'd be better to tell you after finishing your session with goats. -It doesn't matter if this is finished or not. -Your nice expression is important. -Really? I can't believe it. -Yes, and I'm quite surprised as well. He can just go home and write whatever he likes. Why does he write it in an Okinawan resort? -Like he's a famous writer. -Ya, famous writer. -Writing his own thing and let other people pay for it. -Writing while watching the sea... -Ridiculous. -I wonder if he's gonna write something great? He's really carefree. Actually we didn't want you to notice that. Of course I noticed that! Such a big guy missing... We thought to deceive you with goats. -That's not enough. -Well, that didn't work. Ridiculous. Fukuda-san. He's just terrible. Just ask him to go home today. You all as well, by the way. Please, just go home. She's pissed off... (Director)-In case we could do anything to atone for it... -I'm fine if you guys can really do something. You were just playing with those goats, right? I saw how you took photos of them. For the time being, we should wait for director Fukuda. If he will not come, he's done for. [Really pissed off] [Two hours later] [Fukuda Yuuichi. Late due to working for another show] Good morning! Though it's noon now. I'll talk to her a little bit. Good morning! How's it going? -How is your shooting? Good? -Good. Thanks. Great. The weather is good as well. -Well, I arrive at this time due to some reasons. -Yes? -Keep it up! -I am. How is your "Kis-My-Ft2" thing? That "Kis-My-Ft2" thing. Well, I won't deny, that I was writing the script for "Kis-My-Ft2". You are kinda awful. Terrible. Didn't you tell me yourself last evening, that I can just go to write script for "Kis-My-Ft2"? (Video evidence): It's definitely better for you to just go back to Tokyo and write your script. You should write that script for "Kis-My-Ft2" drama. Seriously. You don't need to be here in Okinawa. It's OK to write it, but do it in the evening! You only appear in the evening, when there is fun and meal. Isn't that weird? I mean, when everybody were enjoying dinner, you could work hard writing it. So when everyone goes out for dinner, I need to go back to my room to write the script? In that case, I would definitely appreciate your hard work and encourage you to keep it up! -But I need to eat. -Just buy some food in a convenience store! Don't join our dinner! In short, terrible. -But you'll feel lonely eating without me, right? -No. Not a bit. I enjoy eating alone. I prefer that. But last evening you were quite happy, smiling all the time, right? No, no... I was just usual social self. I'm fine if there are people around or not. But you know... (XXX) -Oh so? -Yes. Actually ... -(Mr. A from channel XX) is disgusting. -What? -He didn't talk to me, when I was transferred to HKT, but after I won the election, he started talking to me, so I don't like him. You are complaining about (XXX) in a TV Tokyo show... But it's the truth. -That's not nice of him. -Exactly. But the other day he said to me "Sasshi's new show in TV Tokyo looks pretty interesting. That's great, great". Tell him to shut up! [More woman resentment] Alright, I admit that I was late. Seriously, you really need to do something from now on. If you don't, it doesn't make sense for you coming here. And I'll quit the show after episode #3 or #4. You guys can change it to "Fukuda's Rebellion". If you guys still don't do anything after this, I'll quit. I see. Because you guys don't do anything here. Not only you, everyone in "Sashihara's Rebellion" crew. I already predicted this, when I heard the photo collection is set for shooting and you guys will come as well. I was like "What? Is it really necessary?" I know the usual schedule for photo shooting. Aren't you a little happy, when you see us from a distance during the shooting? To be honest, my facial expression was very good when you weren't around. I can easily spot you guys messing around over there. The problem is "Sashihara's Rebellion" crew is messing around too much. -We are not messing around. -You are. [After this, shocking comments keep coming out to make you doubt your ears] [New project is set to start as well] [Shooting restarted] Should we even be here? Look, move away, she'll get angry again. Probably Kuwajima-san would rather not to have us here, right? Aoki-san! Just now she was angry at me, because I was writing script for "Kis-My-Ft2". I start to doubt if we should have come here. Even if we could film from here, but what we film here won't be useful for "Sashihara's Rebellion". We've been filming "Black Sashihara" all this time. -What about "White Sasshi"? -We don't need that. -Only "Black Sasshi". In all, what I want to say is, I want to return to hotel and continue writing my script. But, I would feel quite sorry for Sasshi. I have yet to have my lunch... Shall we go for lunch then? -Shall we? -Even if we stay here, we end up disturbing the shooting. We've been in the way 6 times today. Then let's stay for another couple of minutes. Let's take a look. [Wait and see] -Shooting hidden behind the stairs. -It's part of my job to take photos of shooting scenes Sasshi must be really tired to act as white Sasshi all the time. But the view of her back is really cute. -She's been white Sasshi today. -So cute from behind. Somehow a little bit like Paruru. How do you see her like Paruru? The hairstyle is similar... She's cute because she looks like Paruru? Doesn't her hairstyle resemble Paruru's? It's the stylist... You mistook the stylist for Sasshi? I'm really terrible... Dude, after all the person you called cute, is the stylist. I didn't even get, that you mistook the stylist for Sasshi! -Her fans will be angry at you. -We are really carefree. Sasshi's fans will be pissed. Ah, we're in their way. Confirmed. We are doing nothing, but getting in their way. Let's go. [Since we are getting in their way] Seems delicious. -And large portion. -It's said that these guys have the best tacos in Okinawa. You were slacking off as well. [-> Show's director, Sasshi's manager, cameraman, photo collection's chief editor] [-> Show's director, Sasshi's manager, cameraman, photo collection's chief editor] -Your job is different from mine. -Well, to be honest... [-> Show's director, Sasshi's manager, cameraman, photo collection's chief editor] -Is it OK to skip your work? -Actually I should be there to check the costumes. This is really not good. On the contrary, I am looking forward to seeing, how the photos will work out, when they are ready. -A reader's viewpoint, huh? -Yes. -Looking forward to see how Sasshi's work will pan out. -You'll be the first reader. Let's buy some presents for her. -Taco. -Cool. It'll be OK with this, because it's really delicious. We need to try it first, to make sure she likes the flavor. Ah, you a right. -Good idea. -Yes. -We tried these out, for her. -Tried out in advance. We came here to try these out for Sasshi. [Just a tasting] Is our present ready? She'll forgive us after she eats these tacos. -So, shall we just go for afternoon tea? -Good idea. Is it OK not to go back to work? It's better if we bring this to her in lunch time. The timing will be ideal when she is hungry. We can tell her that it took quite a long time to find this. So sly... That's why Sasshi call him "Evil Aoki"? [A gift] -Hey, how's it going? -How's it going? -How's it going? -Hello? Break time. -How's your shooting? -Fine. -We thought we shouldn't be in your way. -Yes, it's been quiet since then. This is the best taco in Okinawa. Taco? I don't like it that much, though. -We already poison tasted it. -Tasted for poison? Seriously, I'm totally fine with the fact that Team Fukuda left for lunch. In all, their work are not related to our shooting. And I understand that you got hungry, but you are simply ridiculous, Aoki-san! I'm totally fine with Team Fukuda. They are free and they can't shoot anything when I'm in bikini anyway. They don't have work to do, so it's OK to have lunch, but it's ridiculous for you to leave as well, Aoki-san! He is the person in charge, right? I've told him that as well... -Ridiculous! - ..."Is it really OK for you not to check the costumes?" Seriously! Just give me that already. -You'll eat them? -It's really delicious. [Start eating] Thanks for the food. -How is it? -Great! Delicious. -You know... -Delicious! Thank you, Fukuda-san! was hard to find... Eh?! -Really delicious. -Very tasty. -This is my apology for writing "Kis-My-Ft2" script. -I forgive you now. I forgive you. -We are even now. -Even? Not you, Aoki-san. I wasn't talking to you. Aoki-san should have stayed with me during shooting. I thought I was forgiven... -Delicious. -Great, now it's all Aoki-san's problem. It's me who suggested buying this for you. And "Koubunsha" will pay for it. Stingy! -So it's "Koubonsha"'s treat... -Delicious. It's great to solve my "Kis-My-Ft2" issue just with some taco. Because they are really good. -Hooray! -You are forgiven. You've done some work. -Yey! -Eh? That has nothing to do with you, seriously. Well actually this is also an important job for me. But Fukuda-san could have done it without you. No, Fukuda-san is afraid of loneliness. Yes. It's more fun when Aoki-san is around. Alright. Our work here is done. -It's really delicious. -I am glad. Right? Keep it up in next session! -It's done, Aoki-san. -That's great. We saw her nice smile. It was tasty. Aoki-san, you can stay here. Why do you become a part of Team Rebellion? I really can't understand it. Team Rebellion... [Shooting comes to an end] So how is it, Sashihara-san? Do you still want to make photo collections in the future? It's probably enough for me. I can enjoy this shooting when I think this would be my last one. I see. Just one more and you are done? It would be fine if I publish my last one two years later. What's your life plan, Sasshi? Last photo collection two years later. Does it mean you'll still be an idol then? Not necessarily 2 years. I'll publish my last one when I graduate in several years. So you'll be in AKB at that time? Forget about two years. I meant, that I'll publish it when I graduate. -From being an idol? -Yes, I'll release it when I graduate from being an idol. -As the graduate souvenir. -Yes. -And that's it? What do you plan after that? Haven't decided yet. Just want to live happily. I really haven't planned any goals. Does it mean you'll pursue variety talent career? It's not the only way. If I wanna get married, it'll be fine too. I'll do whatever I want to do most at that time. I see. But it doesn't look like you seek for love now, right? Who knows?... It's OK to unrequited love in AKB. -Unrequited love is fine? -Yes. So these things are up to my own decisions. Any further questions I'll answer only by fax. Send them by fax. Fax, please. [Finally the last one] First time seeing this. -This face. -Provocative face. Awesome. -Cute! -Don't touch him without permission! Delicious! [Shooting ends] -So how is it? Feeling good? -Yes, I'm really looking forward to it. I'm pretty confident about this collection. Just my personal feelings. What are you talking about, Aoki-san? What's your favorite part in this photo collection? The best selling point? Goats! They were cute. And Aoki-san's godly kitty. -Why do you call him godly? -Very geeky. It's rare to meet such cute kitty. It softened Sasshi's slightly nervous and stiff face. You thought I was nervous? -Are you not nervous? -I'm not nervous whatever I do. I have a "never nervous illness". But you must feel fulfilled when our show's first project succeeds. So let's decide the second one, now. [Next rebellion] Release a commercial. -Any CM? -It doesn't matter it's for AKB, HKT, or just mine. -CM? -Or a pachinko. Or horse racing. I want to try to become a horse owner. So bad. Let's become a horse owners. We'll need to see horse racing first. -Eh, I'll need to bet? -But you want your horse to race? Yes. You'll be amazed, when you see a real horse in front of you. Let's do this then. -Then, I'll do some researches on horse racing. -Yes, please. I remember you've done a horse racing show with someone, right? -Yes, with Take Yutaka. -Then let's make friends with that dude. -Don't call him "that dude"! -We'll befriend him. He has a worldwide reputation. Make friends with that dude and learn about good horses and nice bets. He participated in "Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe" recently. And if we lose, we'll make him responsible. "What is that?! Didn't you say he's in top form?" -You plan to question a worldwide well-known Take Yutaka? -Yes. Then we'll try to follow this plan. Let's visit Takke Yukataka. Let's visit Take Yutaka. Horse racing fans will be pissed at you, seriously. "Sashihara, you bastard!" A project of visiting Take Yutaka. Though it's not aired, there are bikini scenes in the photo collection <3 This show becomes a hot topic among people in show business. No please. Don't watch it. They are talking a lot about it. I want to do whatever I like, but without people watching it. Someone that hasn't contacted me for a while, messaged me "Sashihara's Rebellion is really funny!" To be honest, it will be bothersome if TV ratings goes up. It's scary. I'd rather do it away from the spotlight. -We talked about horse racing in Okinawa. -Yes, I wanted to do the horse racing! -After consideration, it's unlikely to happen. You don't have time on weekends. -That's true, I have handshakes. And horse racing are basically hosted on weekends only. Ah, is that true? Then no way. -And about Take Yutaka, whom you called "that dude"... -Ah, I'm really sorry. "That dude" is racing on weekends, but sometimes is free on Monday. He has a tight schedule on as well. After we came back from Okinawa, Tsukamoto-san and "Ohta Pro" tried to arrange it, -but he's busy on weekends. -Why?! -It's difficult. -Forget it then. I can only give it up. We have the schedule issue. So, besides this, what ambition do you want to achieve? I've thought about it carefully. Let's make a movie of HKT. [I want to make a HKT movie] Producing a movie looks really complicated. -Warning: I'll do something really big, might lead to accidents. -No accidents allowed. If possible, "Zakiyama-san" kindly accept our offer to become the director. Your movies are all very famous. -Sounds like you only heard of them instead of watched them. -No, no. I've watched every one of them. Watched, watched... You definitely have not. Why don't you talk to me when looking at my eyes?

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