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Thank you guys for being here please don't be censored but I want to begin to self edit. But it is perhaps maybe we should start on the red carpet because while it is maybe a place that you don't love to be it is a place where now the conversation seems to be shifting with the different campaigns to ask women. About more than just beauty and fashion so I'm curious have things changed on that carpet are you getting different questions and what do you want to see more of last year at the Oscars I was part of the. Ask for more campaign which I've always said like why did they ask us about our dresses when we worked so hard and I'll just have the dresses are beautiful were very privileged to wear them it's wonderful to collaborate with those artists but maybe ask the designers about those dresses. It's amazing and it's a privilege to get to wear them but it's even harder I think to create a performance that garners enough attention Value within our business to get an Oscar nomination and I would love to hear like I was sitting with Julianne Moore and she was nominated last year and you know when I asked her about OK night Sir shortcuts or. Hey for far from heaven and I thought that's just a missed opportunity so I think it's great and I'm definitely seeing a huge change what about you all I'm going to do it so I don't i don't feel it so much but I'm not only probably not as many of my carpet is you. As you are they started getting asked it when I started directing and so that's the only time it would come up as oh you directed this also or year in it and you directed it and then I got to really dive into something of substance other than my acting. But yeah if you like if not no I'm not I'm not usually ask that so if this year is that still have metal chapone Sean Penn which was about. was a pageant girl and they always taught us in pageants how to pay that off something so I'm really good at like if you're like you're so funny I'm like thank you as a matter of fact in our society today that he did? I just kidding around. like if you don't get a proper to niti you have to kind of create it yourself I feel like right now there's a time of great change I mean your careers have dovetailed from where they originally started. You're producing directing running fashion lines I'm just curious what it feels like to be in your business today with these big bold voices that are now being encouraged to be heard I think that's Sony hack like sort of exposing a lot of. Sorry is yet and a lot of us became more public conversation because it was we all knew it we go we all do but he asked about you know we never talked about and then it was complete confirmation and what we already knew is true and. Gosh I mean if you could pull back the curtain on the so many different franchises and things I think I think you would be like whoa wow I mean look at it said this is the tragedy of all time no of course we're all very privileged were all making. You know incredible amounts of money and stuff but it's about it's not. It's not just about. My name but it is money drives a lot of what content is created and it's about the justification for those inner qualities and you know that you that it's OK for the money to look that way the source of where that belief comes from is what. Is not OK yeah you said you know we're in this culture of change and I think we're going to culture of conversation so I don't know that I feel that change yet but you feel open I feel the conversation partially because of the Sony hack and partially because frankly we now have numbers? And then backed up all the anecdotes right uh-huh so anecdotally we've been having these conversations amongst each other for years but you know you get Geena Davis is Institute actually put out numbers that can't really be ignored or talked away. Man becomes very real the conversation finally so when I think I think they're embarrassing numbers. So a man people don't like to be embarrassed. Yeah I remember this conversation opening when I was on Housewives and we all decided to negotiate together we were favored nations and it was the 4 women who are leaves and then the husbands were like the second tier and I remember I can't member what year it was and I won't name names. I'm always in my eyes are not. Maybe it would I remember like there was one of us once we were like Hey you guys should lobby for us to get my money and I always thought when would a man on a lead the league minimum shawgo I think that the second year women should get a raise like us. I thought you know this is called Desperate Housewives and we worked really hard to have the pay we had on that show I had a moment about 4 years ago where I got sent. Crypt having chest awful I'm going to just terrible script in this male stars starring in it in there was a girlfriend park and I was like you gotta be kidding me I had no I'm not understood this well this actress is chosen at that acteurs chasing at this show that. 3 Oscar winners and 2 huge box office leading ladies and I was like oh that's where we're at now this is where were at fighting to be the girlfriend in a dumb comedy yeah 4 wat. And by the way I was going to do it I was like my job I gotta do something so I turn my husband and I was like this is ridiculous nobody said it was just goes honey well what are you like boarding honestly like what are you doing and I was like you know what. and he's like you read more books than anybody I know just want you know in your free time since when did you buy some books and turn in the movies and justice like you're like one of them. You would like to chasing up the same property I think you've got it. for support. like yes now that's right God how great as opposed to another my parents are partnering so maybe she's going. Hi I'm gonna make me bust little bit like what's not in a shotty and swim in our make a meeting 3% of the captured consumer audience whether you're talking about Walmart or Amazon or your technique Hulu or Netflix or even social media Twitter. They spoke primarily film and by women and they weren't stories that are told about themselves that studios are actively pursuing I sit down with more studio heads who have given. Have a million dollars or $2 Million to a big male movie start around his company but won't pay a woman to do the same thing but want to acquire everything that I'm developing with my own money so they're like what we love that you're doing it and will buy it once you've actually spent all the money in developed it right? But it's like that is so interesting like a guy that my mother is never heard of has a million dollar deal at a major studio. The memory so short because every time there is a success at the box office onhollywood it'S 0 well that's because Jennifer Lawrence start in that it's not because girls really like to go see The Hunger Games or whatever it is and then they forget and then as soon as there is a failure it's. Well that was a movie for women so they didn't go it's like the pressure is so much higher and so much greater and the there's no room to fail we should be allowed to fail right it reminds me of this line that shonda rhimes rhoynar show that his really resonated with. African Americans is this idea that you have to be twice as good to get half of what they have and it's something that most black people that I talked to when they heard that line it completely resonated with how they were raised in the messaging that their parents gave them about that's just the truth and I think it's the same for women. You just know that you have to be twice as good and in a way until girls don't have that feeling we will have not done our jobs like if that's almost the point is to not feel the pressure to be extraordinary. Is you know that's why we have all these women in Hollywood this when I love it I love that we get together and celebrate each other in that we're doing this but the need to do this is the problem like it would be so exciting when we're not have to do this because? Equal players at the table I think part of the thing too I saw this female directors to you know it's really and I thought it was interesting you know as a few male director if your first movie on the gate is not very good you're definitely going to get a second here and there was actually just now you have a real. not very good and you know it's terrifying because you might not work again and we don't get that second third and fourth and fifth chance to make it right? Now when also they're not plucking women from Sundance and saying Hey dress up archives yeah yeah I know that I feel like there's a lack of opportunity to it and varied ground level which is in turn. girls from different walks of life to tell their stories to write their stories sometimes I think it's part of it is like they're not onsets they can't see the majority of screenwriter mail so I wouldn't write a story about a man. don't think like I feel like there's more we need to have more opportunities for young women to see what we do my mind but I had landed yet right yeah I feel like if you don't part of me feels like if you don't touch every rung of the ladder in this industry. You wanna set if you want an extra if you didn't have your not apiai if you don't then it's hard to you know I'm going to be a direct are you have to know how a crew works in range and all of that and that's what we're lacking with females is is a pipeline in which where do they have that first step where can they become a writing in terms. I can they be honest at yeah for sure do you have examples in your life of situations that would have been different the outcomes would have been different had you been a man in the room. You mean the man had a man who had been the man with something have totally gone the other way I've hadn't crazy comes but then I really wonder that I thought wow I think I can't believe there even all saying this in front of Maine. Yeah I had I had a friend say to me once you know care the most sexist thing that's ever happened to you in the most racist thing that's ever happened to you you don't even know about 'cause you weren't in the room to hear it right. Oh I've heard a lot. Yeah that stuff that would make people who don't forget. But now women studios I would just say to be there in a about ageism 20 Hey she's like watching how I have a paper anything because she just looking to get jobs is yeah yeah she'll just do it yeah. Oh my God in they say that the front of you because you're the expectation so there's a he'll never go back and tell the other women 'cause you're the exception we've allowed to in the room so we can trust you with this secret and you laugh along so that you can be one of the boys. You should feel grateful. No reason the films that you've produced is there one that's very close to your heart in terms of what it taught you or what you accomplished with it and will wild is my first. Real phone that I produced when I restarted my company and it was just sort of a new it's more reflective of who I really am than any other phone I've ever done so it was very wrong with very personal. Um and it was I was so determined that we may do it in a way that I knew that if I took it to a traditional studio route they'd be like she's not very likable she has allowed yeah. And they don't want to see where you do drugs that you hear that all the time like when I was coming up in my car we don't want serious curse we don't like to see Reese do anything she like she's like well so she would never have sex with a married man or anything like that in the course of storytelling it always like. Cut your character down to nothing so the depth of the character is so important to me in creating something that's how women really talk and there are experiences they really have an. It was really interesting how well received it was and how well it did and then. but was it the highest reviewed movies of the year last year not in the Oscar consideration at all for best picture which was you know it's like. At the time I was like. I was like oh OK OK well it's one of the best refute films of the year but it's not talk with Ken oh man it's just you know it's just that I looked at was like what are any of the top 10 movie starring woman none. at this year we have 2 which is better but not great and sometimes I just wonder if like oh girl who's not the the wife of or the girlfriend of like the excess cerise yeah and I was reading something the other day about the smurfette principle which ever heard of those no one. And which is there's only one woman taeri why does not make it through Kansas ever Dean is the biggest female superstar in the last 3 years and she gets not one but 2 boys. She's going to too but how many coming up where you the only girl standing on South I have a feeling that I reacted I will never get away today if you are people talking I never about all going this to stuff work with because anyone it's so I'm not really actually about the excited amount of that. women we need the movies right it's about the depth of character and end that we have real lives to mention how it nothing to do with our romantic. Entanglements or dilemmas bring back some things are better jobs sometimes we're doing things that are untoward you know it's there's just a whole spectrum of female emotion that isn't represented in film in any way. I think TV does a much better job at that even the way women relate to each other we rarely ever see it in film and that that's a mistake for our daughters for our sons. For you know if we are the storytellers of our generation we have to start not talking doing and do it anyway you can you know yeah. So this whole idea of likability in how people studio execs and Sadie will Reese can't do anything like that because she has to be this way and that kind of wild out of the studio system because I didn't want. down to like milk toast right she's going on a day hike. But there was a boy that I only was scared I've going to be never there. done anything so there's things I've done coz it in a certain way you are kept in kind of a. A wonderful little box Hey kath was great yeah but I know I was tired of doing. don't let you know in a certain point you wake up here like I've done a lot of stuff in my life but what do what I want to do like what movies do I want to make what television shows that I want to put into the world because it's a lot of work. So I feel like I've done all that other work. would you let it and then good thing about me with it with social media is like there's always the next new thing and I'm exhausted because I would do it was like to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat now and then Paris coping I and I curse remember. Kerry every Monday when I'm live tweeting is she really made that you know a thing of lightning interacting with fans and let's have a conversation so that sounds like to eat it it's so much work I'm looking very. I have no idea I known We live and tweeting then. if I don't I got this morning at the live tweet at somebody's like why don't you Periscope that I might back yet. You're mad my screen. is useful especially that I do a lot of activism and so for me. You got to curat your channels like people go to you for certain things and I think you get kind of be all over the place you took your it what you're putting out and people know they come to my feed there's going to be something on there that. So as donate or look at this foundation and read this article or this aside from watch my show. It is great when you know where you are in this world yeah it took me awhile to figure out who I am and what I want to say but now I don't know why I'm pretty I'm pretty clear yeah Yep haven't khasiana liberation but I mean. And it's I think it's empowering and it connects me all these amazing women yeah well I wonder how it would have been if you were available to you at the start career Young like actresses they are for. you just started it do it that when I understand yeah I really smart young actress at me I'm not I'm not know what I want to say that yet so I'm afraid that's a better one misstep it's gone viral. Yeah I know in a world in which we have to be edited you know politically correct it there's a lot of missteps you can easily make that people just are waiting and watching it with that sucks but I have said I had a remote. There I said that something was my spirit animal animal. I didn't know I didn't know that that wasn't OK I would never say that used to say spirit animal really offensive to indigenous communities the First Nation communities you didn't know no clue what was great was that somebody was like that's not OK to say and I was like why. And they told me an then I got to say wow thank you all so now I know and intend to go like I'm humanure human we're all learning together. Uh-huh right right right definitely but do you feel like the current's been pulled back or because of the social media or you can control it so you're not you're curating you're in charge my feels so much less. Bonnabel oh really I used to yeah there was so much tabloids right so minimum saying all kinds of wrong things right and I feel like it's almost all gone on it still happens but it's like. In my kind of really selliers yeah but yeah I kinda don't wanna more it's not I know as I get a load in which you have a good life too yeah I ever relationship with my family and they know that there's a certain way that I don't talk about my personal life. So if they want to engage with that other BS that's fine but over here this is what we're doing this is my world this is my voice and if you want to be at this party these are the rules of this party. I am curious about endorsements and kind of the calculus on how those work and how you kind of the decisions you make on what you're going to be the face of. an opinion about something you're going to endorse and I think you have to do what's right for you I think it has to fill authentic and that has to feel to you yeah because? You know again it's a lot of time and it's your unlike active in this is you I'm not hiding behind a character this is me saying hi associate myself my name my life with this product and I know in the beginning like I've been really blessed if I can with my bottle for 10 years and that's been a beautiful ambassador relationship but. In this latest round in my career my life when neutrogena came to me I said you know what if we're going to do this I have to have a voice in the company not unlike what we're talking about in terms of like I can't just be a phase I just can't just. Kind of get up there and sell product I have to feel like I'm really part of the community that makes decisions in this company and we carved out a creative consultant relationship that had never happened at the company before because I also. I when I looked at their cosmetics they were not representing a range of shades that were right for everybody and I was like how do I save it and I said unless we partner to expand what's available so that any girl can walk into a drug store and get this product that's healthy and beautiful and all of that bike I can. Can't authenticate lycee this is what I love it even though there is great products to keep your skin healthy like how do I say this is the make up for me when it's literally not the make up for it right so that's exciting for me is to have a policeman day and that's why I love. having you as a particularly beautiful ambassador for them last question tell me what role you really want to play what person you really what character you really want to portray what. She real human being either from the past or current that you would really want to portray Tom Hanks. Hi I'm joy in my life I would like to meet him fund yes why not really getting a lot of a good idea that's awesome which is a shame he should be James Bond. happy birthday presents. Well thanks. Imagine you don't know you actually don't I'm so excited I'm not pretty enough Ghostbusters that's like I know that's the way it's really funny um you Kerry I. We feel like when people I don't know I don't have an answer to that question I mean the people whose careers I really admire a man I should find mails in this category but our people like you know cicely Tyson or you know she's 91 and you want one I have any I'm Broadway like I want to be able to do what I looked to do for as long as I want to do it and. And so I don't ever want there to be like that one roll right 'cause I just want the mountains to keep being climbed in for the levels to keep being raised you know. Yeah it's really fun to go like this and it's really not funding. Yeah that's all this not so much all the way. There's little morning this minor further away. it what is the thing in the universe ain't got up and she's speaking and she said you know I've been at the front of the best and I'm going to the back of the best but all I want is just tell you ladies it's just staying with us yeah I'm an do man. you have my heart. Or a male person I'm glad I don't know I think scum and then I'm like Oh my God do that with like no running burning passion I have a couple of things coming up and I'm really excited about that are real person or like I wish I wish there were more historical stories that women. Because it wasn't on a picture I don't know if you don't love you so much money like there's always a World War 2 movie about a dude on my God we don't let me yet again this is my history of the world email spy but now I need anymore Joe and broke their stories down. But I mean you see the whole spinies in like half of it as women during halftime exactly and I'm like I haven't heard any of those stories I really love I pitched a. Civil rights movie based on the women who fought in the civil war and her dressed as men who cut their hair there were black women who who cut their hair fought and voted. Because that's how you know motivated they were and these stories were written and we kept pushing it everywhere first of all you are is on the civil war and I got nobody's done this if no ones know my son brods then we'll get it was just. the way there was a Latina immigrant very rich norlands who was proslavery and she funded a lot of the things that I was like wow that would be crazy to play right we don't know that. Woman who is like you are a person of color as well and yet you're on the wrong side we could not sell it. We're going to make that ladies make it but I've never have an answer that question because I feel like I do wish there were more bio pics of some fascinating women that aren't you are Amelia earhart sanded like those women are amazing and great but like there's so many other. Well there is sanitized mostly I think it's I'm more interested in the less sanitized versions.

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Qello - BEYOND_BEAUTIFUL_101_resize

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