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Occupy Movement Solution = Open Source Economy

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A solution to the current world economic crisis could be called an “Open Source Economy”. To explain what an open source economy is and could be, Lets compare it to the “Free Market Capitalist Economy”. Open Source is essentially the opposite of Capitalism. In a the Capitalist system intellectual property, inventions, designs, ideas, engineering methods, schematics, etc are patented, copy righted , trademarked and the information is withheld buy groups and individuals so only they are able to maximise profit from them. This way they gain an advantage over others by not allowing anyone without the legal rights to see any of their now private information. Open Source on the other hand is exactly the opposite. The words Open Source mean the Source of the product, the technology, or whatever we are talking about is Open for everyone to see, to use, to change, to expand on, to improve etc. So it benefits the inventor AND everyone else at the same time. It promotes a equal, sharing, collaborative culture for everyone. And there are very simple open source licences that will keep the work and open source products, open source. There already exists an open source culture in the world today. Many people use open source software like Ubuntu and we are now starting to see this trend spread into “hardware”. Open Source Hardware and Technology is a growing culture and it is and will continue to facilitate free access to how to create a lifestyle of your own design. Slowly leading towards less reliance on the Free Market Capitalist system, allowing us to unplug and move in a sustainable and resilient direction. Sustainable because it allows us to be self-sufficient in communities, a trend that with time will allow individuals to be self-sufficient when the technology becomes advanced enough. Resilient because by learning how the technology works and how to repair and improve it, you can change and adapt it to meet your particular needs wherever you may be in the world. Owning the knowledge of how the technology you use works affords you autonomy. This also opens up a new educational path. In life we get two educations, one is given to us and the other we give to ourselves. The open source direction provides us with open access to information to educate ourselves and others if we wish to. The possibilities from open sourcing information on how technology works are endless when you start to think about it. Imagine what we could create locally and globally by open sourcing the information behind energy production technology, food production technology and construction technology. We would truly be working towards a freer society. If you want to get involved and find out more please visit “” where you will find links to people and communities that already exist and that are forming. Actions speak louder than words. Let's collaborate.

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Posted by: vhaal7 on Nov 8, 2011

This is video shows how through Open-Source, we are transitioning into what could be called a resource based economy, a world where using money or not becomes an option, a world that is healthier for the planet and all life on it.

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