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Bilan de la Bataille de Damas (24 juillet 2012)

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Syria - July 24th, 2012 Assessment of the Battle of Damascus The Western media continues to tell that fightings are raging in Damascus and that they have spread to Aleppo. So, first, we were told there would have been a "volcano" in Damascus, followed by an "earthquake" all over Syria. What has really happened? Well, the Western powers held a terrorist attack which has beheaded the Syrian army. And they hoped that, as a result of this, some regiments of the Syrian army would have switched side and join the West. In fact, this has not occurred. So when they launched the attack of the Contras coming mainly from Jordan and other neighboring countries on the capital, Damascus, they were not in sufficient numbers to be able to succeed against the Syrian population supported by its army. After several days of battles, sometimes extremely harsh, there are about 4000 Contras killed and about 3,700 Contras were made prisoners. This result can only be explained by the support from the population to its army. It is the population who designated the targets. It is the population that allowed the army to free the city. Faced with this failure, the Western powers tried their second card. They called it "earthquake of Syria." In the present case, it was about using the Barzani family, as well as the Iraqi Kurds who sold themselves to the U.S. and Israel and ask them to raise the Syrian Kurds. Therefore,it did not work at all and the Kurdish population remained loyal to his homeland. Then a second wave was launched against Aleppo. This time they were mostly mercenaries who came from Turkey. And this battle of Aleppo has been even faster than that of Damascus as there, forces were comparatively very few, and that the Syrian army immediately sent his paratroopers to get rid of these mercenaries. So eventually, this whole operation extremely costly in human lives, is a failure for NATO and its supporters. That is why the United States are now trying to divert attention and find new arguments by creating a problem that does not exist about chemical weapons. In a press conference, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that, yes, Syria has chemical weapons and will use them in the event of external aggression against Syrian Arab Republic, never against civilians and only in case of international war. There is therefore no doubt about his intentions. But the propaganda of the U.S. remains the same, over and over again for 30 years, against many different States, this argument of weapons of mass destruction to give themselves the right to intervene. Therefore the U.S. do not have the right to intervene here. The Security Council was opposed to it and the Security Council will continue to enforce international law, despite the claims of the United States, France and Britain.

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Posted by: meeme on Jul 26, 2012

Une fois de plus, Thierry Meyssan coupe court aux mensonges des médias main stream qui veulent nous faire croire que les combats font rage à Damas et qu'ils se sont étendus à ALEP. Sans parler qu'une fois de plus, on nous refait le coup de la menace aux armes de destruction massive...

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