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Al haraba

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In the name of God We are going to talk about the Battle of Al haraba This is one of the first battles in the west near Jado and the west of Nalut There is a mountain passage This is where the Ghaddafi Brigades Came through Commanded by commander Al essawi because he is from the Al rehbat Tribe ----- He came with a Truck that was carrying a fridge And a 4x4 and two Anti Craft tucks So we contacted the people in Al haraba We told them what is going on here , this is wrong They said no , they claimed he is only visiting we said ok our side called him (Al essawi) personally He said im only visiting and I'm leaving the man says : that was El essawi , Said replies Yes ---------- Of course we were calling until morning We were surprised that , the have made a check stop in the road There was a shack that the revolutionist made with the new flags on, So he came at night and took the revolution flag and replaced it with the old regime flag. He said that he will provide the near by towns with gas and money So he called the forces down the mountain saying that everything is under control and things are secured Man : he was trying to bribe the people its just a way so that the forces can come through In the morning there was a check stop so when we called Al haraba again they claimed that he is leaving to Nalut for a mission , we asked our selves how is that possible ? with that number of men and vehicle They started a check stop and another truck has came with the green flag ( old regime) Things were very complicated and very suspicious to us we decided to prepare ourselves so when he was pressured he decide to pull back with all his forces he only left one force for security , our men went to scout they started firing .. Man : the Ghaddafi brigade started firing the vehicle he left had anti air craft missiles our men hit it , four were dead from them and they burnt the vehicle they hit it with RPG and he escaped when he did our men went after them they have found them in Al haraba in the residential areas they found them there relaxed and the battle started , they came from every where , Al zintan , Al rijban , Kabwa , Jado the battle started and we had 1500 men fought in that battle They have fled the scene our men went deep inside Al haraba sweeping they took their rags down ( the old regime flag) and made them raise the new flag that was the first battle ------------------------------------------------- Man : This is when El essawi has claimed that they didnt have enough weapons but they actually had a lot That was the first battle , then they started with the other battle , they went up the mountain from Man : but in the first battle I heard , the person who was leading these troops was from the revaluation committee, his name is Adel from there ( Al haraba) Man : they captured him wounded , SAID : no he died They took him to Yefren Hospital, they started questioning him your killing your own people and he says these people are mercenaries , rats his condition worsen they started telling him to submit to god Man : he kept saying Al fateh ( Ghaddafi) he kept saying Libya and Muoamar , what these gaddafi supporters say?? Another man saying : God , Libya and Muamar and that is it. until he died he did not even want to submit to god they have captured many as well , Man asking : were their any mercenaries , SAID : yes Man: now tell us about the other battle That battle was in Al majabra

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Hajj Said Baker talking about Al haraba battle

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