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March 21, 2017

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Rain drop, drop top, acid rain caused by my exhaust Carbon dioxide and agua (gua) Killing fish from here to Managua We came from nothing to something The nitrogen gas and oxygen You know this is acid depo It all started with 2NO My beaches are being polluted, with nitrogen and water colluding A pH lower than 5.6, a problem that needs to be fixed You already know we told you 2NO+O2 This isn't something to hide You know it forms nitrogen dioxide UPSET Wooh, wooh, wooh, wooh, wooh Acids on acids with gases on gases Swirling around like a troop (troop) Get an umbrella for you (you) Look at that rain (wooh) Nothing to gain (wooh) Erosion is lame (wooh, skrt) That beach is no longer comforting pH does too much declining Plants and fish keep on dying Cause the acid rain keeps on falling Aye, here are some formulas Yeah, N2+O2 yields 2NO (oh shoot) That's a real problem for all of you Next, sulfur dioxide Plus H2O (alright) Yields H2SO3 Man that doesn't come for free Rain drop, drop top Here are some facts we're about to drop Pre- and post combustion, no we can't stop Used to reduce sulfur dioxide (ide) Reduce the sulfur from the fossil fuels Now you've pre-combusted fools Here come the emissions from combustion Remove sulfur dioxide, post-combustion Catalytic converters in engines Scary gases with a vengeance 2NO to nitrogen and oxygen 2CO2 from CO oxidation Burning of fossil fuels and coal Volcanoes and fires and take a toll Remove sulfur from fossil fuels Or from emissions being produced Hello, um, watch this I don't even know where we are Just move our mouths *unintelligible*

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Posted by: mgrif1299 on Mar 21, 2017

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