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Seven Psychopaths

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[doorbell] Hi. Is this your dog? Oh my god. I have to pay you. Thank you so much. Are you serious? [laughing] So how's everything in the dog kidnapping business? Get a new dog? Why were you walking him, Sharice? I always loved Barney like he was my own child. One. I do not want that image in my head. Two. Could you go get my dog back? What the hell happened? Some thugs jumped us. Said they were looking for a little Shih Tzu. Then some other punk killed those punks. It's not blood - It's his puke. You wanna go to the bathroom? Clean some of the blood and the puke off ya? I almost got killed today because you kidnapped the wrong dog. Are you serious? Wow. What are we gonna do? We could take on all the bad guys - maybe in the desert. What do you think we should do in real life? How ya doin'? What's your name? Shut up. We'll get you back to your daddy in a day or two. Don't be sad. Paw. Paw. No paw. That's okay too. I have to pull myself together, I know. But my dog's gonna end up killed. You're not pulling yourself together, are you? You gotta give it back Give it back? You don't just give back a kidnapped dog. It defeats the entire object of the kidnapping. Put your hands up. No. But I've got a gun. I don't care. That doesn't make any sense. Too bad. I'm goin' ta work. Are you pissed at me for somethin', baby? Why would I be pissed at you, Marty? Because you're a.... Billy! Are you waiting for somebody, old guy? No. Okay, you seem normal. Come on in. We gotta get this dog off the street, because it's kidnapped from a maniac. Dandy. I like it. It's got layers. Yeah! An eye for an eye, leaves the whole world blind. No, it doesn't There will be one guy left with one eye. How's the last blind guy gonna take out the eye of the last guy left? [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Oct 9, 2012


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