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The Invasion of Europe

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The European Union is causing chaos in Europe 0:03 as it stumbles from one self-created crisis to another, with no democratic mandate for 0:08 any of it. Not content with removing elected governments and overturning democratic ballots 0:14 whose results they disapprove of, the European Union has now opened Europe's borders to 0:19 the most backward and violent culture on this planet, and one that rejects any concept of 0:25 basic human rights. What could possibly go wrong? These migrants stopped being refugees 0:32 the moment they refused to register for asylum in the first safe country they arrived in, 0:37 as per the law. But the European Union has refused to enforce the law, removing any incentive 0:44 for countries to police the external border effectively when they know they can simply 0:48 move people on, thereby encouraging millions more to come. And millions more are now on 0:54 the way. An unbiased observer watching from space might think that the people of Europe 1:00 had taken leave of their senses, but we haven't. We've taken leave of our democracy. And 1:05 now we're taking leave of our security. The European Union could have stopped this 1:11 crisis from day one by following Australia's proven success in turning back the boats and 1:17 processing genuine refugees offshore, but that was too much like common sense. Instead, 1:23 they behaved with their usual arrogance and made the situation much worse by breaking 1:27 the law (I can't emphasise this too much) and effectively inviting the entire Muslim 1:32 world to Europe. This is guaranteed to make Europe more dangerous for everyone, but especially 1:38 for women, and for gay people, and for Jews. It's also putting money into the pockets 1:44 of criminals, and is effectively bankrolling the human trafficking industry. Angela Merkel 1:51 wants Germany to pay for the Second World War by committing suicide. Her insane invitation 1:57 to the Muslim third world means that the number of rapes in Germany is now set to skyrocket. 2:01 In fact, it has already started. And she can take personal credit for that. All you "progressive" 2:08 Pollyannas with your dopey little "refugees welcome" signs can take a bow too, because 2:12 despite what the media would like us to believe, most of these migrants are unaccompanied men, 2:19 and Europe's prisons are already full of third world Muslim men who don't know how 2:24 to behave in a civilised society. The last thing we need is to import even more of them, 2:29 because wherever third world Muslim men go, so does rape. It's a cultural thing. But 2:35 that's exactly what the European Union is doing, breaking the law to import a violent 2:41 misogynistic rape culture into Europe that directly threatens the safety of women and 2:46 violates their human rights. And the German media are colluding with this. If you're 2:52 a third world Muslim migrant in Germany who enjoys a bit of casual rape (and I know many 2:58 of you do) you can carry on raping safe in the knowledge that the media will keep it 3:02 nice and quiet. They're on your side. So far, they (and the police) have kept very 3:08 quiet about the epidemic of rape, child abuse, and forced prostitution in the refugee centres, 3:14 where things are so bad that women and girls have to sleep in their street clothes. Women's 3:19 organisations even wrote a public letter to the government demanding separate women-only 3:24 premises to keep predatory men away. The police won't talk about all the rapes because 3:30 they don't want to legitimise critics of mass migration. How noble of them. They don't 3:36 want to legitimise critics of breaking the law. Yet they still feel the need to warn 3:42 local people not to let their children outside unaccompanied and not to let teenage girls 3:47 wear revealing clothes, and they warn women not to walk to and from the train station 3:52 alone because it's close to a refugee centre. They know what everyone in Europe now knows, 3:58 that third world Muslim men are raised from the cradle to despise and fear women and to 4:03 treat them as inferior. And when they come to a civilised place like Europe they treat 4:09 European women the same way because they're too pig ignorant to know any different. And 4:15 we put up with it because we're so "progressive" and tolerant and compassionate and all. And 4:20 we don't like to talk about it because it might be racist. And we try to understand 4:24 and make allowances for them and their poxy excuse for a culture. And we skulk like cowards 4:31 behind empty words like inclusion and difference, and applaud ourselves like seals for our bullshit 4:38 humanitarianism, while Europe gets more and more dangerous for women. And for gay people, 4:44 and for Jews. In fact, now for everyone, because given that the free movement of people also 4:50 means the free movement of jihad, you'd have to be an idiot (or a politician) not 4:56 to see what's coming. The Islamic State claims to have thousands of fighters already 5:02 in Europe, and more are coming in every day because the European Union's criminal negligence 5:07 means that Europe has no external borders. Serious bloodshed is on the way for which 5:13 the European Union is one hundred percent responsible, but the politicians with personal 5:19 bodyguards needn't worry, as they're not the ones likely to be murdered. The only 5:26 reason that any of this is happening is because the European Union is breaking the law. If 5:32 they can break the law, why can't we all? Why can't we all just do what we like and 5:37 take what we like? Why should anyone respect the law when it clearly means nothing? If 5:43 we don't stop the boats this illegal invasion will never end, and it's clear that the 5:49 European Union has no desire to stop the boats. They want this flood of humanity to continue 5:56 until Europe has been forcibly and irrevocably merged with a backward and violent culture 6:02 that's hostile to everything we claim to stand for. They're importing barbarism, 6:08 they're importing war, and they're showing beyond any shadow of doubt that they cannot 6:14 be trusted with Europe's security. It's time for the people of Europe to claim asylum 6:20 from the European Union.

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