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Eve's Eggs

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Hi! I'm Eve Butterly and I live in Farmers Branch, Texas I'm here with my daughter Julia And we're on a clever egg hunt. We're looking for very special egg! I love egg hunts! I love egg hunts! I love egg hunts! Now this is great, Julia! But this isn't the egg what I'm looking for. Look Mommy! There is a another one! That's a nice one, but that's not it either... There is one! That's the one I was looking for! This is a pysanky and it's what I'm going to be making today. First thing I need is an egg. This is just a regular chicken egg from the grocery store. Traditionally, artists would leave these eggs whole. But because I live in Texas, and it gets really hot here I'm going to drain the contents of the egg. So, it doesn't brake later and get really stinky. I'm gonna find the very bottom of the egg by rubbing it on a piece of newspaper. Now I'm gonna take this little tool and drill a hole in the bottom With this I'm gonna blow air in and the egg is gonna come out. Now that my egg is clean, disinfected and dried, we are ready to begin my design. Each of my egg’s designs tells a story and that’s what pysanky really is. The word “pysanky” comes from the Ukrainian word meaning “to write”. So, every egg design tells a special story with symbols. I’ve already sketched out my design. I’m going to do a barrel division with 3 parts. Waves are a traditional symbol for wealth. And I’m going to do several sets of them in an eternity band around the egg. Wheat is another good symbol for wealth. Pine branches are a good symbol for health and springtime. An 8-pointed star stands for life and light. This triangle with crosshatched lines is a sieve and it stand for the sifting of information. The colors that I plan to use on this design are a very traditional Ukrainian color scheme. Now I’m ready to get started sketching on my egg. To draw my guidelines we can use this egg lathe. Get it all centered up evenly. I’m gonna turn the wheel and draw a line all the way around the equator of the egg. I’m gonna use this indexing mill to divide the egg horizontally into quarters. Now that I’ve drawn all my guidelines “egg”zactly how I want them to be, I’m ready to start writing with wax on my shell. To do that I’m gonna use my electric kistka. Put wax in here and it comes out melted down here. When I put melted wax on the shell everything underneath it will stay white after I put it into the dye. The first motif that I’m going to do is the wave design for my eternity band. I’m gonna draw these waves all the way around the egg in a circle so that the wealth would be never ending. I use regular bees wax and this kind that already has a little bit of pigment mixed into it so that the lines show up darker on my shell. I finished with all the white parts of my design and now I’m gonna fill this blow hole with a little piece of bees wax so that none of the dye gets inside. I’m gonna wear a rubber glove to put my egg into the dye because it’s a really strong dye and it will turn your fingers rainbow colored. Yellow’s my first color. I keep dunking the egg until it reaches the shade that I’m looking for. This is an aniline dye and it’s used to dye silks. It reacts to the protein. I don’t understand the chemistry all the way. I just know it works. I’ll dry this egg off with a paper towel. And now I’ll write with the wax on everything I want to stay yellow. Now that I’m finished covering up everything I want to stay yellow, I’m going to go to green. But I don’t have a lot of green so I’m not going to dunk the whole egg into the dye like I did before. I’m just gonna dab a little on the spots I need it. I’ve just put a little bit of green dye here where I want to do my pine boughs. Now, I have to put the wax over it to keep it protected. Glove again to go into the next color, which is orange. With each successive color the symbols come to life. The next color is red. My grandmother taught me how to do pysanky when I was a very young girl. And my daughter is really interested in learning it from me. That’s a nice bright red. Now I have completely finished putting all the wax that I want on this egg. All I have left to do is put it into the background color, which is black. In keeping with the ancient tradition, I’m going to use a candle to melt the wax off of this egg to reveal the design underneath. I’m gonna hold the egg off to the side where wax is melting and liquefying. I’m gonna wipe it off with my paper towel. Colors are really shining through now. I cleaned every last bit of wax off my shell. And then I gave it a nice coat of varnish to keep the colors bright and to give it a bit of strength. So, now my pysanky is done. Isn’t it just “eggsquisite”?

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Eve Butterly Easter Eggs

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