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Teach you Eternal Life: The Solution as ACTION as SELF MOVEMENT

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Solution of Action as Self Movement This is the Solution, as action as self..movement. The 'action', as self..movement.. which, in one 'placement' as expression of self..can be placed as self-direction. But what is self-direction, practically? This is self-movement. Now, it is interesting. because, human beings have a tendency.. to want to wait for things to happen 'to them'..before they move. before they..apply. Now, in action, as self-movement.. this is you taking directive principle of 'you', within yourself..and your world. Not waiting, for anything or first come to you, or to first happen to you.. before you will actually stand up, and take self-responsibility. Let me give you an example. Let's say, for instance: you are, sitting..alone, in your apartment. and.. You are, waiting for a sign..waiting for someone or something.. Praying, hoping.. to 'sort out'..your world, and the experience of yourself within your world. Because, you do not have..sufficient amount of money, to take care of you, to support you..within this world, to be able to exist within this world. So, usually..what human beings have a tendency of doing: is waiting, is hoping..using self-pity, self-remorse. Feeling, the world and everyone else has 'left them', has 'deceived them'. 'Powerless', 'hopleless'..when actually, in self-honesty..such a human being.. is not actually standing up within themselves, and taking self-responsibility.. in realizing that they're responsible for themselves, to take action within themselves.. which will, present the expression of self-movement according to self-movement: 'your world will move as you'. Realize, that this will not be instantaneous. Because in 'action', as the expression of self-movement.. you are 'designing' your world, as the 'expression of you' and thus, in self-movement..your world will move 'accordingly', within you. So, human beings..who are, sitting their apartments.. Moping..feeling sorry for themselves.. pitying themselves, feeling remorse, becoming depressed.. Realize, that 'nothing' will happen! 'nothing' will change.. Unless you stand up inside you, and actually take 'action'! and you will realize, that nothing will 'support you'.. unless you support yourself and taken action, standing up and actually..'moving' yourself because, what you're actually doing, when you're there alone..going: (sorrow) Depressed..because your world is not working, nothing is working.. everything is falling apart, "i'm lost".. Realize, you are 'manifesting' it! because you are..accepting and allowing it inside yourself. So human beings, what would take action as self-movement? In that moment, you stand up within yourself and you going do..anything possible.. to move you within you and your world..even if it means.. going to the front door of a house..and asking them: If you can do their garden, or mow their lawn, or clean the street, or do 'whatever'.. It doesn't matter what you do.. as long as you stand up inside you, take self-responsibility, get out there and do 'whatever' you're able to, within this world. There are many opportunities you are able to design for yourself, do anything. Even at a the floor, or cleaning the outside.. but in that moment, you're standing up and you're moving yourself in 'action'.. that is 'self-movement'! The moment you're in depression, self-pity, self-remorse.. realize you're not moving are waiting. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 8, 2009


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