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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~18:51:40 - 19:06:27

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— Summer time. — I want that song! I... — Bro, I need to record something innovative. Something better, I recorded this one at home. — But it's incredible! — I will, I will, I will... I will do something about it. But it's very quiet, the quality isn't good. I want to save some money to record a CD of my songs. Like, guitar and a capella , type of thing. But, like, because I don't have a computer, and I don't have the latest technology, I make my music using the guitar, sometimes 2 chords, 3 chords maximum. The rest, the little I have on the guitar, I improve by adding the keyboard, base, harmony, that type of thing. Then I record it and it turns out great. Great as in, to listen to. — Nananana...Very good! So, could you record it to listen to on cassette? — Cassette? No, I can record..I've recorded on CD. — Oh, excellent! — I've recorded on CD. I think I've got...there are songs of mine here, look, you want to see? I'll show you. (Music plays on the mobile) Here, listen, let me see if have some here. — Hey Pedro! — This is brilliant! —If it is that one, it's awesome, bro! (inaudible) If it's that one, it's perfect. If it's that one, everyone can go. (background chat) — Rael? — Like it? — Aham. (Rael sings) — I haven't even recorded this one completely. — Experimental stages. (Music plays) We gonna fight! Mica, oh Mica might show up. She makes excuses to not go, bro. Say to her "go, girl!" We would have had time to stay at home eating the meat still. Zimbabwe! Uh? No, bro. Yeah, go by motorbike, bro. — What motorbike? (inaudible) Do what at home? — Let's get the food that's in your brother's fridge and your fridge, bro. Bring all the drink, bro. (inaudible) — Can't you go on the motorbike? — I cant lead the way. Ride on the back? Not on the back? Edmar, go there with someone and get it. Go with someone else, I can't go, bro. You with me Gi? Mica is a pain! —You know what the good thing about all this is? —Eh? — I didn't hear you, I thought you were talking on the phone. —I don't understand. — I thought you were talking on the phone. So, she came round yesterday for us to go watch the football. —For us to what? — For me...for us to go and watch the football, but she was the only girl. —And I didn't want to go out on my own. So I said oh I'm not going to stay here, on my own with all those men. So then she said oh we'll just stay home then. So then we left and she said are you going to the show tomorrow? So I said I don't know, I may well go. (inaudible) —Write it down. —Tell me. —The house number? —Yeah that will do, what is it? —5663-1738 —38? 1738? —1738. (inaudible) Bro, there's that one and there's another one, bro. —Do you..does Edmar know where it is? —Edmar knows where it is. —Hey, Edmar! (inaudible) —They're filming, right? —What? —Viki went to school with Bruno, since year 1, and Carol went with Titi since year 1, all the way through till the end. — Carol who? —Carol! Here look. Carol, Ale's sister, bro! —Oh I see. —So, I went to that thing yesterday and.. —She went, she went, she went. —And you were going invited her to go today. So then she said I will have to go. So she said she would go. —She's (inaudible) to show up. So I said, hey girl, and she said so what about that filming? So I told her, yeah it is still going on. So she said oh ok leave it then and so on. So I said no alright bro? So I said hey give Gia a call, I told her to ring you. So you can arrange to go, you know. —Yes but we had arranged yesterday, she said she was going. —Yeah I had called her to say let's go and so on.. —She told me she was going. —She, you know what it is with Mica, She thinks I don't want her to go, you know. —What? —She thinks I don't want her to go. —She what? —She thinks I don't want her to go. —Oh, I see. But you asked her to, didn't you? —Yes I did, but.. (background chat) —There you go. I'm off. —This mobile phone saved my life, bro! —Do you have songs on it? —Didn't I buy that damn discman, Pedro, the damn discman fell on the floor, bro! It broke, bro, I didn't even pay the first installment. —You bought it brand new? —Yeah. —And it fell and broke? —It fell on it's side, bro. —So it's smashed already? —No, the lid opened and that little tape just came apart. I'll have to see if I can..get it fixed. So now I'm left with no sound system so I use the guitar and..and..and my phone. I turn on my phone, press the Record button and put the sound on. —Does it capture it well? —More or less. It gives an idea of what is playing..It' experiment. But it makes me want to cry, haha! All those gadgets in my bedroom are my brother's, bro, I got them for.. —Even the DVD? —Bro! Where's the fat guy? Say hi to him for me! (inaudible) —Awesome! —Hey, Maria. (inaudible) (inaudible) (inaudible) Hey, that game was a mess, bro. In the first half the team was destructed, the players themselves destroyed the team, bro! How can something like that happen, bro? —That's why I fight, bro, because to me it's important, you know? But there are people that don't understand how important it is. —Not everyone can see it's important. —To me it's important, bro! To me it is really important! Not only because of losing, you know, but because you are defending a name. —Hey, David! —You're defending a group, it's like a family, with a history. —David! —Everybody wants to make history, you know, everybody wants to make history. —If it's just to go play the game, bro, I wouldn't go! I'd go to represent a name. —Everybody playing should have that mentality, you know. —David! —Did you get it? —Hows it going? —Hows it going? The guys want to know what you think, how are you finding it? —We got everything. —No, they want to know what you think about the day. —Oh the day, the day. Oh, it's excellent. Your life is very entertaining. Lots of material for filming. You are always surrounded by a group of people that look out for you. —Ah yeah, I don't like anything being the same in my life. I'm rarely by myself here, always got people around me. Yeah, bro, it doesn't stop, it doesn't stop. It's like that, you know. There are moments that sometimes.. (inaudible)

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Duration: 14 minutes and 48 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 19, 2008

Hanging out with friends on the stairs.

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