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AfterDeath Children I Am Back: Abused child

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Leticia Wright - Part 1 (smile) name is..Leticia, Wright.. and..I died..but.. i'm now speaking to a ~camera, and.. (laugh) I am, speaking through, a..another being's 'body'.. and i'm happy..and, i'm sad also.. because..I didn't really want to die.. but, i'm also glad I did..'s strange, speaking to a 'camera''s a 'camera'. (laugh) ok..well, i'll speak to the camera for now. so..I died. I had a vey sore life. I think my mom was crazy. She was always mad..and angry. It's strange speaking to a camera (laugh). she was always..angry, and.. she hit me a lot..and she hurt me a lot.. and her boyfriend too..and.. they hurt me a lot..sometimes.. my mom..and her ''.. I don't think I can call them 'my mom and my dad'. I don't think any parents, should be called 'parents'.. because..they are hurting their children more than they ever know. and, i'll explain just now why I said that.. I was glad that i've died..because I knew..that if I were to still 'live'.. here..after.. the two people, that hurt me so much..that hurt me..and..I would have still lived here. I probably would have done the same to my children.. because that's how it works.. when children get 'abused' by their parents.. many of them do the same to their children..and so everything is 'pass on'.. but I..'left'. you know..very painful way. but I am glad that I left, because.. I would have been 'dangerous' myself..and to my children, if I ever had children. and that's not what I would have wanted, that's not what I would've wanted to become.. but that's what would have happen, because the anger inside me would have done that and the sadness inside me would have done that. I was hurt a lot..I was hurt very badly. and when I tried to tell grown ups.. they wouldn't hear mom..or the person..would say: that's i've been a bad girl..that i've been misbehaving.. and that I deserved to be punished..and hit..because I threw tantrums. (shake head) they weren't tantrums.. She tell me to do a bad thing, and then she hit me because I did it, but she told me to do it. and then she always said to me that: that's the way I learn..that's the way she learns so that's how the way i'll learn. Her parents made her do bad stuff..they 'tell her' to do bad stuff, and then they punish her for it. so that she 'know' that is bad stuff.. and not to do, what everyone always tells you to do. but.. even when she didn't do it, then..'when they told her to'..she got hit. and that's what happened to me as well.. because that's what she told me that she, happened to her. and that's what she did to me, and see..i'd have done probably the same to my children. me an innocent four year old girl.. would have probably when I grow up..because all the anger.. and the sadness inside me would have done that. (sigh) I don't know, this world is..sad and.. sad..and painful..because.. I know you get born a child..and.. you know, you just want to play..and you just want to 'love' everybody. and you just want to..'Smile'! all the time, be friendly.. and then you come into this world.. 'and then you get-ed..killed'.. and then you get I did and then you get I did. I don't think parent should have children anymore. because children become 'their parents' all the time.. just like i'd have become my parents, probably. I wouldn't call them parents..I wouldn't call family 'family'..i'd call them 'copies' Children are parents' copies. and that's what happen to this world. See that's why me talking about all these stuff, look at me right now. and i'm not like that, you know..i'm really joyful in heaven.. because i'm in heaven now..'Where i'm suppose to be' and i'm enjoying myself..but then when I talk about 'this world'..and my experience.. I become..empty. or it's because this world is empty..this world is empty. (external reflects internal) so, will have..heaven on earth.. and then I can come on 'earth' and experience my heaven. (smile) Ok, (smile)..i'm going to say bye now. strangely into a camera. (laugh) Ok, (laugh) More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Edgar Cayce, Isaac Asimov, Bruno Groening. CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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