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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~11:10:31 - 11:19:43

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♫Ready? I put on stockings and heels and became beautiful, don't I? Yeah! — That's strange! — Isn't it? — I know that! There was a parody about the a song of the sea, wasn't there? Didn't we make it? What was it? ♫ Holding a buoy...ah...What was it? How does that song go? ♪Let the water drain♫ ♫ Hold a buoy... How does that song go? I really forgot... Whatever is fine, there is the old lady version. It is about this lady goes to a sale. Then something about her putting on powder and then... and putting on lipstick. — That's a little weird. — Might be good, actually. Let's think about this. The lady goes to a bargain sale, and then... What else? It is not about dating, but more about... Let's think about other songs. We can also sing the girl scout song. Wear a uniform, badge and handkerchief... — I'll be off — Yes, we can try this! This is fun! — Like, if you get on a bike. — I'll be off!! You can think up whatever you like. Let's think together! How should we do this? How? How? What can we add? ♫ Compact. I don't have any ideas. Let's write some here. — What kind of story do you want? — A school story. — School story? Ok, preparation for school you... Everybody! Let's think what do we prepare when we go to school. How do you prepare usually? Just write down what comes to your head. Get dressed... Making song lyrics! This is really fun! Then write down "Get dressed." What do you do first? Doesn't everyone eat? For example, breakfast? After getting dressed...? How about washing your face? We also brush our teeth If the clothes get dirty do you change again? It's different with everyone. Some brush their teeth after breakfast and others brush their teeth before breakfast. Also we use the bathroom! We don't have to put everything. ♫ Wash your face. Wash my face, face, face. ♫ Do you wash your face like that? Some people do! Eat breakfast. — Whistling? — I whistle. I can't do it... Very good! Very good! Did you write it down? How did you write it? — Carry your school bag. — Good idea. Wash your face, get dressed, have breakfast, and brush your teeth. What are you writing? I can't see. What are you writing? Share it with everyone. pr-e-pare Yeah, we have to prepare the shcool bag. ♫Carry it to school. Carry it. Well... I think we are done. Good job! I'm going now! ♫ Pass the test back ♫ Today is final exam. What? ♫ Today I will have a final exam. Today I will have a quiz. ♫ What am I going to do if I get I get an F? — That sounds good! — What's an F? — It's a cero. If I get an F, that would be wonderful! That surprised me! Yeah, me too! OK. Where should we put the compact? ♫ Compact — Where should we put it? We can start with saying "Good morning". Actually anything is ok. Good morning, that sounds better. — ♫ Good morning — How about I get up, or I wake up? — I get up — What else? — How about good morning in English — English!? I don't think so. Recently my teacher asked me to read an English sentence. He asked me, so I just read. — And then, he said "You're really Japanese". — That's really rude — Let's think that is his way of being mean. — That's funny — You shoul tell him "Yes, I am Japanese!" — That's so mean. ♫ Put on powder. ♫ Wash your face. — Anything is good. — Wash your face ♫ Either way is good. You shouldn't take it, that's mine. Wash your... — How to write face? — You are writing it correctly. — Wash your F-A-C-E ♫ Wash my face. Eat my breakfast ♫ Eat breakfast. ♫♪ Brush my teeth. I'm going now. — Isn't that a little fast? After brushing your teeth? ♫ Brush my teeth. Where is "changing clothes"? Yeah, you're right! Let's change. We can't go to school with pajamas Ok, let's change — ♫ Today — ♫ You don't have to start with "Today" ♫ Goodmorning. — How about we start with the test? — ♫ Good morning. I am up, good morning. How about a kanji exam? ♫ We have a kanji exam today. ♫ We have Kanji exam today. ♫♪ I got an F today. What? I don't like that Can you hold this for a second? Can you please? Can you? We are ready, I tried my best but I still got an F. I think it's not so bad. Maybe... No. How about... when once I am ready "I'm going..." No, just say I'm leaving the house. Where is the school bag? Yeah, we should put the school bag before here. Just a moment. Well, this is not a pencil. ♫ We have a kanji exam today. I am ready! How about something like this? Yeah! — And then something like "I'm off to..." — Yes ♫ I'm ready... How about something like "I'm going to get A for sure" — An F for sure! —-What? I'll get an A! I am ready. ♫ I'm off to school. All right! Let's try singing this. Wait, what are you going to do with this part? Is it "good morning" or "I got up"? Which one is better? — Which one ? Good morning? —Good morning sounds better! — Ok, then let's try good morning (in Japanese). — Hey, I want to sing it "good morning" (English). Good morning! I have to repeat it here anyway, so let's put both. Are you ready? 1-2-3... ♫ Good morning. So we do do a movement with it? What is good for "Good morning"? — Sleepy.. —Like ooohhhhhh. —  Looks like a lion? — Reallly?

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
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Director: Irene Herrera
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Oct 29, 2008


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