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How old were you when the attacks happened? Well 16 years ago around that time I was 50 years old When I'd get out of my house in the morning to get breakfast on 24th and summit , I'd be eating my breakfast and from there.. On the television I see that an airplane goes inside the building So I realize that the people at the restaurant were not paying attention So I tell them " Hey look",that airplane has gone inside the tower and that's when people Got overwhelmed, and saw how people threw themselves out. They were playing it on the hispanic channel. What was your reaction? I was very impressed because nothing like that has ever happened. But then it wasn't long ago that it happened, when another airplane comes and hits the other building as well then within the short amount they kept playing everything on television on what was going on and how people were very desperate throwing themselves down from the building, When you saw it what did you think it was? An Attack? Yes I immediately said to myself it was a terrorist attack,I was very shocked and the people... Were really scared. Then from there that's the impression people stayed with, also myself. I had never seen such a thing as that. When that happened were you scared of your safety ? Or the safety of your family? Personally I wasn't scared because it's things that people should be brave about Of course there will be a bit of panic, but me not as much.I'm already used to tough things happening in life and I know how to control my impulses When you saw the news, how did you think our nation reacted? Well the country got a little bit more stricter and has more control. The United States security got stronger and that has avoid any more accidents and that's important. Do you agree with the extra security they have in airports now? Of course yes it's very important to avoid any terrorist that comes to do any damage to the country, it's good and healthy. Has 9/11 Changed you in any way? Yes it has changed me because I'm more responsible and more cautious of anything suspicious ,I immediately call the police. Do you have any family or friends that were there when it happened? Well around where I live on 23St between summit, so you can only imagine. Are you afraid that another attack happens? No, Scared no. Only thing you can do is ask god to give us strength, trust and Peace

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